Programme 1.8 Dairy industry

​Programme objective

  • foster and enable a productive, profitable, internationally competitive and sustainable dairy industry.

Programme description

Dairy is Australia's third largest agricultural industry. We were responsible for policy advice and programmes that address the productivity, profitability, international competitiveness and sustainability of Australia's dairy industry. We worked closely with industry to encourage international collaboration and support for strategic engagement and investment. We also administered dairy quotas to the European Union and the United States.

More information is available on the department's website.

Key performance indicators

Table 9 Programme 1.8—Dairy industry—key performance indicators
Key performance indicator2013–14 targetPerformance
Effective policies, programmes and regulations that contribute to enhanced productivity, profitability, competitiveness and sustainabilityAccurate and timely advice providedMetMet-
Engage with domestic and international stakeholders on dairy issues5 meetingsMetMet-
Allocation of quota to dairy industry in accordance with legislation100%MetMetMet
All levy funds paid to Dairy Australia Limited100%MetMetMet
Timely and effective engagement with Dairy Australia Limited to ensure compliance with the statutory funding agreement and relevant legislation and to discuss industry activities2 meetingsPartially met aMetMet
Integrated scientific and economic research–underpinning research, advice, forecast, projects, products and data services meet stakeholder expectations and are delivered within agreed timelines and in line with international research standards85%MetMet -

a The second meeting for 2013-14 was held in early July 2014 by mutual agreement.


Maintaining and improving international trade ties

In 2013–14, the department and Dairy Australia attended the 29th Australia–Japan Dairy Talks in Tochigi, Japan. Delegates discussed dairy product supply and demand in both countries. The meeting also discussed approaches to industry support and improvements to livestock production processes.

Trade and market access issues

We worked with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to help the dairy industry retain access to two generic cheese terms in the European Union.

The United Kingdom and Germany sought to have 'Orkney Scottish Island Cheddar' and 'Holsteiner Tilsiter' declared as protected geographical indications. The European Union uses geographical indications to identify products having a particular quality, because they come from a specific location.

In both cases, the countries concerned agreed producers could continue to use the terms cheddar and tilsit/tilsiter, provided they complied with the applicable principles and rules. If the generic components of these terms had been protected, this would have prevented Australian producers from using these terms to market their cheeses in the European Union.

Supporting Dairy Australia

We negotiated and signed a new statutory funding agreement with Dairy Australia. We also worked closely with the organisation to progress the review of the Dairy Produce (Dairy Service Levy Poll) Regulations 2006, which govern the conduct of the dairy service levy poll.

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Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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