Report on the operation of the Natural Resources Management (Financial Assistance) Act 1992

The Natural Resources Management (Financial Assistance) Act 1992 assists the development and implementation of an integrated approach to natural resource management. In particular, this approach supported the Sustainable Agriculture component of the National Landcare Program.

Under subsection 26(1) of the Act, a report must be prepared each year on the operation of the Act and agreements made under it. This is that report.

The 2015–16 appropriations funded under the Act totalled $7.53 million, comprising $5.86 million of administered funds from the Landcare appropriation and the balance in departmental funding. Appropriations in 2014–15 were $13.68 million.

Section 11 of the Act established the Natural Resource Management special account and allowed $5.86 million of administered funds to be paid into the special account to cover agreements made under Section 6. In addition, funds from 2014–15 were carried forward in the special account.

As well as projects approved for funding in previous financial years, which were outlined in the 2014–15 annual report, project funding provided in 2015–16 included:

  • $1.0 million to support Landcare Australia Limited activities including the National Landcare Conference, State and National Landcare Awards, and community awareness activities for the Landcare community
  • $0.48 million for the Wild Dog Alert System, which aids land managers to prevent wild dog incursions and attacks on livestock. The system provides an unprecedented opportunity to monitor wild dog activity and efficiently inform the development and review of strategic regional wild dog management plans
  • $0.26 million for the National Honey Bee Survey, which will collect baseline data on the current economic situation of Australian beekeepers. The survey will capture the adoption of research and development initiatives, the state of honey bee health and the size of the commercial pollination services sector
  • $0.63 million for river remediation near Tamworth, which will provide the Namoi Catchment with economic, social and environmental benefits from reduced erosion. The Peel River Anabranch project will address streambank erosion issues on a stretch of the Peel River, a watercourse of the Murray–Darling Basin.

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Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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