Water for the Environment Special Account

​​Section 86AI of the Water Act 2007 requires the Secretary of the department to, as soon as practicable after 30 June each year, prepare and provide to the Minister a report on the operation of the Water for the Environment Special Account.

Payments totalling $3 985 145 were made from the Water for the Environment Special Account during 2015–16 (Table 37).

Payments totalling $3 979 000 were made to New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria to assist the three governments to contribute to the preparation of business cases for measures that will ease or remove constraints on the movement of environmental water to the environmental assets of the River Murray, Murrumbidgee River, Gwydir River and Goulburn River.

Measures that remove constraints on water movement through the regulated system are a key element of the Sustainable Diversion Limit Adjustment Mechanism​ set out in the Murray–Darling Basin Plan.

Two payments totalling $6 145 were made for specialist advice in the development of the Commonwealth On Farm Further Irrigation Efficiency (COFFIE) program. The COFFIE program is the first program being developed to implement the efficiency measures component of the sustainable diversion limit adjustment mechanism. The program will assist irrigators to improve the water use efficiency and productivity of their irrigation activities, with water savings being made available to the environment.

Table 37 Water for the Environment Special Account

Financial year

Appropriated amount

Movement of funds



$40 000 000


$3 985 145

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Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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