Enhancing Australia’s Agricultural Trade

​The Australian Government will continue its focus on growing agricultural exports by investing a further $29.4 million. This will grow horticulture and help exporters get our farmers’ produce to overseas markets.

To promote trade and market access, increase our international competitiveness and build on past election commitments, we are:

  • Working to reduce the impact of non-tariff measures (NTMs).
  • Supporting further development of an internationally competitive and profitable horticulture sector.
  • Extending the package assisting small exporters (PASE).
  • Extending the agricultural trade and market access cooperation (ATMAC) program.

Why is this important?

The four year Trade and Market Access budget measures include:

  1. Accelerating horticulture market access
  • This measure will continue work to accelerate market access and progress export opportunities. Staff on the ground will put the science behind our requests to export, under new and improved access to markets, and assess import requests from trading partners to ensure they are not a threat to our biosecurity.
  • It will ensure horticultural industries are export-ready and able to capitalise on access gains.
  • It will improve access to plant genetics and propagative material as critical business inputs for the sustainability and ongoing competitiveness of the sector.
  1. Enhancing industry action on NTMs
  • This measure supports work with industry and importing countries to reduce the impact of NTMs, especially to access high-value export markets.
  • It will support industry engagement and identification of NTMs. It will deliver up to 11 sector-specific reports to identify and prioritise NTMs that restrict market access for exports.
  • We will develop a new IT system to support analysis and reporting of NTMs, and support ABARES to develop a methodology to assess the impact of NTMs.
  1. Package assisting small exporters – extension
  • PASE grants will continue to assist small exporters in a range of industries to meet importing country technical requirements, such as different phytosanitary and food safety standards. It will help them take advantage of export opportunities.
  1. ATMAC program
  • The ATMAC program has been successfully assisting Australian businesses to break down technical barriers to trade. It helps secure new and improved access to premium markets. The program will continue to fund projects that help to open, improve and maintain access to markets for Australian agricultural products by building stronger relationships with trading partners, neighbouring countries and international organisations.

Who will benefit?

Growing agricultural exports supports our farmers and exporters to access new markets and maintain current market access. Improved market access will increase productivity and profitability of farms while overall strengthening rural and regional economies.

What will this cost?

  • Accelerating horticulture market access $11.4m
  • Enhancing industry action on NTMs $5.1m
  • Package assisting small exporters – extension $6.1m
  • ATMAC program $6.8m
Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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