National Agricultural Leadership and Workforce

National leadership for the broader agricultural innovation system will ensure a coordinated approach to meeting national, system-wide priorities. An advisory panel will strengthen leadership and investigate ways to modernise the system. A focus will be on developing, through collaboration, ambitious national objectives that can encourage a step-change in the innovation capacity and culture for Australia’s food and fibre industries.

The development of an agricultural workforce strategy will consider the role of agricultural education in meeting Australia’s current and future workforce needs in food and fibre industries. The focus will be on developing a skilled, future workforce the industry requires.

Why is this important?

Australian agriculture increasingly faces big, complex challenges and opportunities. To respond requires scale and scope to integrate cross-disciplinary knowledge. A national approach is needed to ensure investments are sound, strategic and coordinated.

There is a need for:

  • Stronger system leadership to improve connectivity and collaboration, to better target investment and to measure performance of the system.
  • Increased focus on transformational, cross-commodity and public good research, development and extension to drive transformational innovation.
  • Stronger roles for regional Australia in innovation and providing a way for regions to influence broader innovation priorities.
  • Improved supporting platforms such as data infrastructure, research facilities and telecommunication and internet connectivity.
  • Stronger culture for innovation and a greater appetite for risk, support for entrepreneurship and encouraging diversity in the system.
  • Students who understand how their skills and training are relevant to an increasingly technologically diverse Australian agriculture. This should encourage more young Australians to enter the food and fibre industry skilled workforce and make Australia’s agricultural workforce more sustainable in the long term.

Who will benefit?

These measures will improve outcomes for Australia’s agricultural sector and the broader Australian economy and community. They will encourage more young Australians to see agriculture as a rewarding career and provide opportunities for more jobs in rural and regional Australia.

What will this cost?

  • National Leadership for Agricultural Innovation $2.9m
  • National Agricultural Workforce Strategy $1.9m
Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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