Organisational structure

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Secretary—Daryl Quinlivan

About our secretary

Daryl Quinlivan is the Secretary of the Department of Agriculture.

Daryl is an experienced career public servant who was the Head of Office at the Productivity Commission before his appointmen​t ​as Secretary of the department in 2015.

Daryl has worked in a number of departments and agencies including the Department of Transport and Regional Services and the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and served as a ministerial adviser to the then Assistant Treasurer. Daryl previously worked in the then Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry from 1999 to 2010, as both a Deputy Secretary and First Assistant Secretary. Following this, he joined the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy as a Deputy Secretary before moving into the position of Head of Office at the Productivity Commission in 2012.

Daryl holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) from Monash University and a Bachelor of Economics from the Australian National University.

Deputy Secretary—Cindy Briscoe

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AGVET Chemicals, Fisheries and Forestry Division

Works with industry and other stakeholders to promote improved practices for managing agricultural natural resources, encourages sustainable and productive fisheries, manages resource access issues for industry including within treaty-based regional organisations, improves industry access to safe agricultural and veterinary chemicals, and supports the sustainable management and use of forest.

General inquiry: 1800 900 090

First Assistant Secretary—Cass Kennedy

Fisheries branch—Assistant Secretary, Mel Brown
Forestry branch—Assistant Secretary, Michelle Lauder
Ag Vet Chemicals—Assistant Secretary, Julie Gaglia

Rural Policy and Farm Performance Division

Develops policies and implements programmes in the areas of: targeted assistance to help primary producers, their families and communities manage adjustment pressures in hard times, including but not limited to drought; emissions mitigation and adaptation to a changing climate. We ensure the division implements policies and programmes with a best practice approach to administration.

General inquiry: 1800 900 090

First Assistant Secretary—Sally Standen

Financial Policy and Farm Business Support branch—Assistant Secretary, Kerren Crosthwaite
Climate and Resilience Policy branch—Assistant Secretary, Courtney Bryant (A/g)
Farm Performance branch—Assistant Secretary, Tim Fisher
Drought Response branch—Assistant Secretary, Andrew O'Sullivan

Agricultural Policy Division

Develops and implements policies and programmes that aim to make Australia's agricultural, food and fibre industries more productive, globally competitive and profitable. We work collaboratively with industry, their representative and services bodies, portfolio agencies, governments and the community on activities to enhance industry development, foster innovation and investment, encourage productivity growth and production efficiency, and reduce impediments to functioning and emerging markets and structural change across the value chain, from paddock to finished product.

General inquiry: 1800 900 090

First Assistant Secretary—Rosemary Deininger

Levies Policy and Crops branch—Assistant Secretary, Alison McMorrow
Food & Supply Chain branch—Assistant Secretary, Nick Dowie
Innovation & Consumers branch—Assistant Secretary, Nick Blong
Markets & Competition branch—Assistant Secretary, Joanna Stanion
Agriculture 2030 Taskforce—Assistant Secretary, Josephine Laduzko
Agriculture 2030 Taskforce—First Assistant Secretary, Paul Morris
Agricultural Policy Projects—Assistant Secretary, Andrew McDonald

Deputy Secretary—Lyn O'Connell

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Biosecurity Animal Division

Provides technical expertise and advice to mitigate animal health risks to Australia and to support the productivity, global competitiveness and sustainability of Australian animal industries.

General inquiry: 1800 900 090

First Assistant Secretary—Robyn Martin

Animal Biosecurity branch—Assistant Secretary, Beth Cookson
Animal and Biological Imports branch—Assistant Secretary, Wayne Terpstra
Animal Health Policy branch—Assistant Secretary, Narelle Clegg

Biosecurity Plant Division

Provides high quality scientific and technical advice and policy that enables effective plant biosecurity risk mitigation across the biosecurity continuum, supporting the maintenance of Australia's plant health status and the productivity, global competitiveness and sustainability of Australian plant industries.

General inquiry: 1800 900 090

First Assistant Secretary—Marion Healy

Plant Sciences and Risk Assessment branch​—Assistant Secretary, David Dall (A/g)
Plant Import Operations branch—Assistant Secretary, Robyn Cleland
Plant Health Policy branch—Assistant Secretary, Bertie Hennecke
Plant Export Operations branch—Assistant Secretary, David Ironside
Plant Systems and Strategies branch—Assistant Secretary, Peter Creaser

Compliance Division

Manages biosecurity and imported food risks by establishing compliance approaches for all regulatory functions of the department according to the department’s Biosecurity compliance strategy. We develop and implement processes, standards and targets to measure this.

General inquiry: 1800 900 090

First Assistant Secretary—Peta Lane

Compliance Policy branch—Assistant Secretary, Jagtej Singh
Compliance Controls branch—Assistant Secretary, Barbara Cooper
Enforcement and Sanctions branch—Assistant Secretary, Richard Chadwick
Civil Penalties Taskforce—Assistant Secretary, Andrew Patterson (A/g)

Biosecurity Operations Division

Delivers nationally-integrated services to internal and external clients. The division includes seven service delivery streams (assessment, inspection, audit, northern Australia, veterinary, export meat and scientific, post-entry, and operations integration).

General inquiry: 1800 900 090

First Assistant Secretary—Emily Canning

Operations Integration branch—Assistant Secretary, Mark Simpson​
Inspections Group (West)—Assistant Secretary, Kerri Russ
Audit Services Group (South)—Assistant Secretary, Peter Cook
Veterinary and Export Meat Services (North-East)—Assistant Secretary, Dennis Way
Inspections Group (Central-East) —Assistant Secretary, Rick Hawe
Science and Surveillance Group (Northern)—Assistant Secretary, Wayne See Kee
Assessment and Client Contact Group (ACC) (South-East)—Assistant Secretary, Lee Cale
Post Entry Quarantine Group
—Assistant Secretary, Peter Finnin

Biosecurity Policy and Implementation Division

Focused on protecting Australia from harmful pests and diseases through continuous improvement to the biosecurity system. We provide the tools for a risk-based approach to biosecurity – starting with cargo and passengers before arrival in Australia, at the border and once unloaded or disembarked in Australia. We also: develop national policy initiatives relating to biosecurity including funding and on-shore reform; work closely with states and territories; implement new legislation; and prepare for and respond to biosecurity threats and incursions.

General inquiry: 1800 900 090

First Assistant Secretary—Matthew Koval

Biosecurity Policy and Response branch—Assistant Secretary, Katherine Waterhouse (A/g)
Biosecurity Implementation branch—Assistant Secretary, Cathryn Geiger
Biosecurity Integrated Information System Taskforce—Assistant Secretary, Brian Schumacher

Australian Chief Veterinary Office

General inquiry: 1800 900 090

Chief Veterinary Officer—Mark Schipp

The Australian Chief Veterinary Officer (ACVO) is the primary representative of, and advisor to, the Australian Government on all matters relating to the maintenance and improvement of Australia’s animal health status and the systems that support it. The overarching objective of this Office is to mitigate threats to the Australian economy, and the productivity of Australia’s animal-dependent industries, by supporting and enhancing trade and market access for animals and animal products, and representing the Australian Government on animal health issues of national interest.

Australian Chief Plant Protection Office

General inquiry: 1800 900 090

Agricultural Chief Scientist and Australian Chief Plant Protection Officer—Gabrielle Vivian-Smith (A/g)

The Australian Chief Plant Protection Officer (ACPPO) is the primary representative of, and an advisor to, the Australian Government on all matters relating to the management, maintenance and improvement of Australia’s plant health status and the systems that support it. The objective of the ACPPO is to promote a shared vision for plant health that ensures Australia’s valuable plant resources and production capacity is protected and enhanced. This in turn protects the environment and drives opportunities for the Australian economy and Australia’s plant-based industries though production efficiencies reduced pest pressures and improved access to domestic and international markets.

Environmental Biosecurity Office

General inquiry: 1800 900 090

Chief Environmental Biosecurity Officer—Ian Thompson

Deputy Secretary—Malcolm Thompson

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Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) Division

Provides professionally independent, world-class research, analysis and advice to inform strategic policy and decision-making by government and the private sector on significant issues affecting Australian agriculture, food, fibre and water resources.. ABARES has capabilities in multidisciplinary research and analysis in the field of economics, science and social science with application across agriculture, fisheries, forestry and food.

General inquiry: 1800 900 090

Executive Director—Peter Gooday (A/g)

Agricultural Forecasting & Trade branch—Assistant Secretary, Jared Greenville
Biosecurity, Fisheries, Forestry & Land branch—Assistant Secretary, Steve Read (A/g)
Farm Performance & Resource Economics branch—Assistant Secretary, David Galeano

Water Division

Helps communities, irrigators and businesses, particularly in the Murray–Darling Basin, use water resources sustainably and efficiently by progressing national water reforms. The division contributes to the implementation of the Murray–Darling Basin Plan by recovering water, in ways that achieve the triple bottom-line outcomes of the Plan. The division promotes sustainable water development nationally under the principles of the National Water Initiative.

General inquiry: 1800 900 090

First Assistant Secretary—Mary Colreavy (A/g)

National Water Policy branch, Assistant Secretary—Kirsty Bunfield
Sustainable Water branch, Assistant Secretary—John Robertson
Water Recovery branch, Assistant Secretary—Tanya Stacpoole (A/g)
Murray-Darling Basin Policy branch, Assistant Secretary—Matthew Dadswell
Murray-Darling Basin Water Resources Taskforce, Assistant Secretary— Ramzi Jabbour (A/g)

Exports Division

Provides export certification for meat, fish, dairy and live animal exports. It is also responsible for developing strategies to gain, improve or maintain overseas market access for a range of food, animal by-products, live animals and reproductive material and manages the export systems for these commodities. The division also includes the National Residue Survey and the Codex Contact Point.

General inquiry: 1800 900 090

First Assistant Secretary—Fran Freeman

Export Standards branch, Assistant Secretary—Anna Somerville
Meat Exports branch, Assistant Secretary—Andrew Patterson (A/g)
Residues and Food branch, Assistant Secretary—Deb Langford

Live Animal Exports Division


General inquiry: 1800 900 090

Principal Regulatory Officer—Melissa McEwan (A/g)

Live Animal Export branch, Assistant Secretary—Jim Paradice (A/g)
Animal Welfare​ branch, Assistant Secretary—Carol Sheridan

Trade and Market Access Division

Responsible for pursuing international market access for Australian portfolio industries through bilateral, plurilateral, regional and multilateral engagement as well as strengthening the ability of exporters to access overseas markets and the development of export regulation.

General inquiry: 1800 900 090

First Assistant Secretary—Chris Tinning

Bilateral Engagement Branch (South East Asia, MENA, Pacific, Russia), Assistant Secretary—Jodie McAlister
Multilateral Agriculture Policy & Bilateral Branch (Europe and Americas), Assistant Secretary—Matt Worrell
Strategic Trade Policy & North Asia Branch, Assistant Secretary—Amy Fox
Export Legislation & Traceability Taskforce, Assistant Secretary—Ann McDonald

International posts

  • Rome (FAO)—Lynda Hayden
  • Brussels—Nicola Hinder
  • Washington—Cameron Hutchinson
  • Bangkok—Ilona Stobutzki
  • Beijing—Paul McNamara
  • London—Simon Smalley

To contact our agricultural staff overseas, please email Overseas Posts.

Find out more about the role of overseas staff.

Deputy Secretary—Neal Mason (A/g)

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Corporate Strategy and Governance Division

The Corporate Strategy and Governance Division provides a comprehensive suite of high-quality services to the Minister, Parliamentary Secretary and their staff, and the department's senior executive and divisions. We work across the portfolio and with external stakeholders to foster a coordinated approach to portfolio priorities and to support the department's work. We deliver nationally-integrated services and coordination, advice and support services to the Minister and Parliamentary Secretary and their offices, the department, and the Interim Inspector-General of Biosecurity.

General inquiry: 1800 900 090

First Assistant Secretary—Tiffany Blight (A/g)

Parliamentary and Communication branch, Assistant Secretar​y—Bronwen Jaggers
Planning and Governance branch, Assistant Secretary—Jey Hoole (A/g)
HR People branch, Assistant Secretary—Kylie Barber
Workforce & HR Strategy branch, Assistant Secretary—Jasna Blackwell (A/g)

Finance and Business Support Division

Provides advice and support to enable the department to deliver on the government's priorities, including financial management, business support services, financial systems and processes, and accurate and timely strategic advice and reporting.

General inquiry: 1800 900 090

Chief Finance Officer—Scott Brown (A/g)

Financial Operations branch, Assistant Secretary—Sophia Farmakis-Moss (A/g)
Financial Management branch, Assistant Secretary—Tanya Howitt
Industry Support branch, Assistant Secretary—Paul Pak Poy
Commercial Business branch, Assistant Secretary—Troy Czabania
Modernising Agricultural Trade Taskforce, Assistant Secretary—Matt Ryan

Information Services Division

Responsible for all information and communication technology (ICT) functions and activities within the department. It provides ICT applications support and development capability for all divisions and develops and maintains ICT strategic planning, enterprise architecture and information management to support the department's objectives now and into the future.

General inquiry: 1800 900 090

Chief Information Officer—Peter Mckeon

Enterprise ICT Development and Operations branch, Assistant Secretary—Ian Scensor
ICT Services & Enablement branch, Assistant Secretary—John Mason
Custom Systems Development and Operations branch, Assistant Secretary—Mark Neilsen
Enterprise ICT Capability and Engagement branch, Assistant Secretary—Dennis Foden

Assurance and Legal Division

Responsible for all legal services and advice required by the department. The OGC coordinates legal services and provides internal legal advice (subject to the Legal Services Directions on tied work), including contracts and grants management, statutory interpretation and regulatory advice, international trade law and agreements, legislative development privacy, debt recovery, investigations and enforcement and litigation and claims resolution. It also advises on matters relating to the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act) and legislative processes.

General inquiry: 1800 900 090​

First Assistant Secretary, Office of the General Counsel—Alice Linacre

Deputy General Counsel, Regulatory, Advisings and Legislation—Jadd Sanson-Fisher
Deputy General Counsel, Corporate and Dispute Resolution—Amy Nichol​
Assurance branch—Lionel Riley

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Last reviewed: 17 January 2020
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