​The Climate Change Research Program funded demonstrations of nationally coordinated climate change adaptation and mitigation techniques on-farm and in food processor activities. These projects showed how new technologies and practices could be incorporated into farming systems and the food supply chain to reduce emissions and adapt to a changing climate.

Demonstration activities included:

  • facilitating research and development of key technologies and farming systems
  • effective communication and demonstration of practical options that farmers can implement.

Some key findings

  • Demonstration of methane flaring and capture from covered waste-water lagoons directly supported the development of the first methodology approved under the Carbon Farming Initiative.
  • Demonstration of emission reduction techniques in the horticultural sector showed that nitrification inhibitors effectively reduce nitrous oxide emissions in vegetable crop production.

A technical summary highlighting the key findings from the demonstration projects under the Climate Change Research Program is provided below:

Fact sheets, case studies and DVD’s providing an overview the Climate Change Research Program and a summary of the research outcomes are available.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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