Action on the Ground

​Action on the Ground is a component of the Carbon Farming Futures program which provided grant funding to farmers and land managers over the six years to June 2017.

Action on the Ground funding assisted farmers and land managers to undertake on-farm trials on more than 530 properties across the country of abatement technologies, practices and management strategies to measure and demonstrate how they can reduce agricultural greenhouse gas emissions of methane and nitrous oxide or increase the sequestration of carbon in soil while maintaining or improving farm productivity.

89 multi-year grants worth up to $44.29 million received funding under rounds one and two of the Action on the Ground program.

Action on the Ground funded projects

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Round One

Under round one, the program provided $25.2 million to 59 multi-year projects (to June 2015) involving more than 400 farmers and land managers. The projects trialed and demonstrated a range of on–farm technologies and practices that store carbon, reduce or mitigate emissions of nitrous oxide and methane and improve farm productivity.

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  • Agriculture shares $70 million in research grants - 17 May 2012
  • Landholders take Action on the Ground – 29 November 2011

Round Two

Under round two, the program provided $19.09 million to 30 multi-year projects (to June 2017) involving more than 130 farmers and land managers, farming groups, researchers, industry sectors and non-government organisations to undertake projects that addressed at least one of the program’s three key priorities: reduced methane emissions from livestock production systems; reduced nitrous oxide emissions; and increased carbon sequestration in soils

Media releases

  • Grants help farmers take climate action - 8 April 2013

Guidance for the measurement of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions and soil carbon

All round one and two Action on the Ground projects were required to carefully measure the abatement of emissions and/or soil carbon, using standard procedures.

The department published the ‘Guidance for on-farm measurement of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions and soil carbon’ to assist grantees in developing appropriate sampling practices and measurement regimes.

Action on the Ground was administered by the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. To find out more about the other programs administered by the department under the Carbon Farming Futures program, please follow the links below:

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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