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About Extension and Outreach

The Extension and Outreach program is a component of the Carbon Farming Futures program.

Extension and Outreach program increased the knowledge and understanding of farmers and land managers of land sector emissions management to using a mix of traditional and new extension services. The program also supported land holder participation in the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF).

Extension and outreach activities helped to increase the capacity of farmers and land managers across Australia to reduce land sector greenhouse gas emissions, sequester carbon in soils and vegetation  and participate in the ERF by:
  • providing technical information and support about integrating carbon management into whole farm planning and farm performance
  • sharing new research and farm techniques for the property and farm business, including those generated through the Carbon Farming Futures programs
  • increasing communication resources and channels available
  • creating tools and information systems to improve knowledge of land sector emissions
  • enhancing productivity and environmental sustainability.

This funding supported sector–specific projects, including the livestock, dairy, horticulture, cotton and grains industries, as well as projects targeting specific audiences, including fertiliser users and young farmers.

Projects Funded

In April 2013, 24 projects valued at $21.3 million were funded under the Extension and Outreach program, with the final projects ending in June 2017.

A list of successful projects is available.

Training extension providers

Materials generated from the Extension and Outreach program can be accessed at MyCarbonFarming.

The extension officers were employed to assist farmers and land managers obtain information on emissions management, to integrate this with business and land management practices, and to participate in the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF).

A number of competencies were expected in the extension officers. These included:
  • university qualification in agricultural science or equivalent
  • at least two years in industry extension, including the delivery of information to farmers and land managers
  • capacity to interpret scientific information and deduce its relevance for farmers and land managers
  • knowledge of climate change issues.

The department provided training to enable them to effectively undertake their roles, including:

  • technical information on land sector emissions and their management
  • information on all aspects of the ERF and how to participate
  • roles and responsibilities of extension officers, grantees and the department under the program
  • self-learning from the following education resources
    • a Carbon Farming Resources Pack containing the technical and procedural information
    • a Carbon Farming Extension Tool Kit containing a set of appropriate extension materials and tools for extension officers to use with their clients
  • a CFI eLearning course
  • attending an initial two day face-to-face training
  • self learning from the six monthly updates of the Carbon Farming Resources Pack, Carbon Farming Extension Tool Kit and CFI eLearning
  • attend a twice yearly face-to-face update
  • participate in the twice yearly interactive update webinars from relevant topic experts.

The webinars were recorded and will be available on this page shortly.

Background information

Media Releases

  • New opportunities for carbon farming – 1 May 2013
  • Spreading the carbo​n farming facts – 10 April 2013

The Extension and Outreach program was administered by the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. To find out more about the other programs administered by the department under the Carbon Farming Futures, please follow the links below:

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Last reviewed: 1 October 2020
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