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The Australian Government is supporting businesses farmers and land managers who want to reduce their agricultural greenhouse gas emissions and/or participate in the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF), through a range of information resources and events.

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Climate change research and trials

The department is responsible for climate change research efforts through a range of initiatives, including through the Carbon Farming Futures program.

Many of the Carbon Farming Futures program activities build on the research from the Climate Change Research Program (CCRP).

The CCRP commenced in 2008–09 and was completed on 30 June 2012. The program funded two rounds of research projects and on-farm demonstrations to help prepare Australia’s primary industries for climate change and build on the resilience of our agricultural sector into the future. The report ‘Australian agriculture: reducing emissions and adapting to a changing climate’ explains the key findings from the CCRP.

A range of awareness raising activities was also delivered as part of the national roll out of the CCRP.  The following products highlight the culmination of a year-long communication program to raise awareness of the climate change research underway and what this means for primary industries.

CCRP factsheets, case studies and videos

The Climate Change Research Program case studies and videos cover an overview of the research outcomes and a program overview.

Filling the Research Gap

The Carbon Farming Futures - Filling the Research Gap program is supporting research into emerging abatement technologies, strategies and innovative management practices that reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the land sector, sequester carbon and enhance sustainable agricultural practices. Projects are targeting current research gaps around abatement technologies and practices. The research priorities are reducing methane emissions, reducing nitrous oxide emissions, sequestering carbon and improving modelling capability. Research outcomes will underpin the development of new abatement methodologies that land managers can use to participate in the CFI.

Action on the Ground

The Carbon Farming Futures - Action on the Ground program is designed to enable on-farm trials of abatement technologies, practices and management strategies to reduce agricultural greenhouse gas emissions and/or increase carbon sequestered in soil. Projects will create new opportunities for land managers to participate in the CFI by demonstrating outcomes from research programs including, but not limited to, the CCRP and Filling the Research Gap. Projects will ensure that research results can be practically applied on the ground in real farming situations.

What’s happening in my region and who can I talk to?


See how the department is raising awareness about developments in land sector climate change research, how it could be applied on real farms and the opportunities for farmers and land managers at our climate change events page

Department of the Environment

The Australian Government Department of the Environment is developing new methods for businesses to use to estimate emissions reductions:

For further information on the Emissions Reduction Fund , please visit the Department of Environment website or phone
1800 852 974.

The Clean Energy Regulator

The Clean Energy Regulator will administer the Emissions Reduction Fund, manage contracts and run auctions:

For further information about applying for an Emissions Reduction Fund project, or tran​sition arrangements for existing CFI projects , please visit the Regulator’s website or phone 1300 553 542.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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