Energy and agriculture support

Farms are major users of energy. Pumps, tractors, cool storage, heating and harvesting activities all need energy to operate.

To be competitive in international markets, farm businesses need reliable and affordable energy.

Adopting new energy efficiency practices or investing in clean energy can help farm businesses lower their power bills, improve productivity and reduce emissions.

Many farmers have lowered their energy bills by:

  • speaking to their electricity providers and shopping around for the best deal
  • maintaining or upgrading machinery and infrastructure
  • turning waste products into bioenergy
  • improving practices and systems.

Farmers can also invest in new technology to generate renewable energy for their farms. This can also provide an alternative income source.

Support for farmers

Lowering energy prices

The Australian Government has introduced a default market offer to act as a price safety net. This will make it easier to compare discounts offered by electricity providers.

We are also supporting reliable power generation and have invested in future energy opportunities like hydrogen.

Actions to take today

  • Visit the Business Energy Advice Program for a free one on one consultation.
  • Speak to your electricity provider and shop around for the best deal.
  • Visit your industry representative group website for case studies and industry specific advice.
  • Visit the Australian Government energy programs listed above.
  • Investigate whether funding is available from your state government or local council.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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