Pest and weed management programs

Communities combating pest and weed impacts during drought — biosecurity management of pests and weeds round 2 is a $10 million program.

We provide funding to help manage the issues arising from pest animals and weeds during drought.

Round 2 of the program builds on the first round which delivered $15 million for 48 projects in 2018–19.

This program is open to eligible local councils.

For more information, including eligibility, visit Community Grants Hub.

Apply now

Applications are now open for new projects. Apply now at GrantConnect.

Applications close 5 February 2020.


Grants are available for:

  • projects to manage pest animal and/or weed impacts

Objectives of the program are to:

  • help communities manage pest animals and weeds during drought
  • reduce the effect of pest animals and weeds on agriculture
  • contribute to our broader biosecurity objectives.


Project funding will help:

  • create local jobs
  • boost economic activity
  • provide long-term pest animal and weed control benefits to communities where projects take place.

More support

See all drought and rural support we provide.

Last reviewed: 19 December 2019
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