WA Rural financial counsellor contact list

​There is one service provider in Western Australia that employs rural financial counsellors. To locate your nearest rural financial counsellor, contact the head office or the rural financial counsellor nearest to you from the list below.

Head Office:
PO Box 121
Woodanilling WA 6316

Freecall 1800 612 004

Chief Executive Officer: Chris Wheatcroft
Mobile: 0448 773 331
Email: ceo@ruralwest.com.au

Rural financial counsellors

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Central Eastern Wheatbelt

Michael Harries
Mobile: 0459 986 181
Email: michael.harries@ruralwest.com.au

Lower Great Southern, South Coastal

Kerryn Mickle
0427 731 250
Email: kerryn.mickle@ruralwest.com.au

Kimberley and surrounds

Anita Sutherland
0428 178 342
Email: anita.sutherland@ruralwest.com.au

Eastern Wheatbelt & Pastoral (Eastern)

Dean Bavich
Mobile: 0439 984 539
Email: dean.bavich@ruralwest.com.au

Upper Great Southern, Great Southern, Lower South West

Andrew Grist
Phone: 08 9845 2473
Mobile: 0427 986 182
Email: andrew.grist@ruralwest.com.au

Mid-West Central Region

Robyn Lewis
Mobile: 0457 838 970
Email: robyn.lewis@ruralwest.com.au

South Eastern Central Wheatbelt

Donna Spurgeon
Mobile: 0408 107 326
Email: donna.spurgeon@ruralwest.com.au

Mid West Eastern & Northern Wheatbelt

Roger Tonkin
Mobile: 0408 062 989
Email: roger.tonkin@ruralwest.com.au

South West and Pastoral (Western)

Graeme Chopping
Mobile: 0439 984 543
Email: graeme.chopping@ruralwest.com.au

South West and Perth Region

Chris Puckridge
Mobile: 0429 987 762
Email: chris.puckridge@ruralwest.com.au

Esperance North & East

John Noonan
Mobile: 0407 132 724
Email: john.noonan@ruralwest.com.au

Wheatbelt Western South

Mandy McLean
Mobile: 0429 986 181
Email: amanda.mclean@ruralwest.com.au

Upper Great Southern, Great Southern, South Coast

Kate Jefferies
Mobile: 0408 029 365
Email: kate.jefferies@ruralwest.com.au

Mid West Northern Region

Michelle Pond
Mobile: 0459 986 181
Email: michelle.pond@ruralwest.com.au

Geraldton Northern Wheatbelt

Greg James
Mobile: 0448 770 067
Email: greg.james@ruralwest.com.au

Last reviewed: 22 January 2021
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