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How do I reset my Levies Online password?

In the login screen select the ‘I forgot my password’ link. Refer to the Levies Online User Guide for further instructions.

Why haven’t I received a Levies Online security code?

Receipt of security codes may be delayed during peak periods or if you live in a remote location. If you have not received your security code after 20 minutes please try again or contact the Levies team on 1800 022 384 or at

Why doesn’t the security code I received work?

Security codes are valid for 45 minutes but can only be used once. If you request a new security code before the first code is received the original code will become invalid. You will need to wait for the new code to arrive.

If you close the security code entry page the security code becomes invalid. Return to the Levy Payer Portal login screen and re-enter your email and password to receive a new code.

Do I need to provide levy payer data when submitting a levy return for Wine Grapes?

No. The process for Wine Grape returns has not changed. Levy Payer data is only required when submitting Grape Research, Sugar Cane and Grains returns.

If I dealt with a levy payer that pays their own levies directly to the department, do I need to include their details in my return?

No. Levy payers who choose to pay their own levies will be liable to submit a return including their levy payer information. Please ensure that you have a written documentation of this arrangement.

When submitting a levy return for Grape Research, do I need to provide the details of the person or business where I purchased grapes for crushing?

If you are the proprietor of a processing establishment and you purchased grapes for crushing, you should provide your own details in the levy payer section of the return form. You do not need to provide the details of the person or business you purchased the grapes from.

If you do not own the grapes crushed at your processing establishment, then you would need to include the details of the person or business who own those grapes in the levy payer section of the return form.

Why is my levy return showing an incorrect total of Nil?

When you enter your return data via manual entry in Levies Online, you must select the ‘Add Row’ button BEFORE you select the ‘Next Step’ button. Your data will not save unless you select the ‘Add Row’ button.

Why is an error message displayed when I upload my levy payer upload template?

Some reasons why the Levy Payer Upload Template may fail:

  • The column headings of your template must be spelled correctly. However, column headings with or without spaces will be accepted.
  • The example data must be deleted from the template prior to upload. You do not need to delete the instructions provided in the first 7 lines of the template above the column headers.
  • The template must be saved as a CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv) file.

Contact the Levies team on 1800 022 384 or email your file to for assistance.

Can I provide an upload file with a different file format?

No, the upload function can only support a CSV file. Other file types are unable to be accepted by the system.

My file uploaded successfully but it has errors. What next?

To view more information about the errors, login to Levies Online, select ‘My Returns’ from the menu, select the relevant Return Ref and select Download Error File.

The system  will highlight, in red, cells that contain errors. Refer to the Levies Online User Guide for assistance.

Can I amend my Levy Return in Levies Online?

Only commodities with a Levy Payer Register can be amended in Levies Online i.e. Sugar Cane, Grape Research and Grains returns. Refer to the Levies Online User Guide for instructions.

To amend a return other than the types listed above you will need to provide the new information in writing via a manual return form or an email or letter accompanied by a signed written declaration clearly identifying the return to be amended.

Can I print a hard copy of my completed Return Form?

Yes. You can download a record of your Return details in Excel format by selecting the ‘Download Return’ button in the Levies Online Return Summary screen. To access this screen select ‘My Returns’ from the menu and select the relevant Return Ref number.

Can I make levy payments in Levies Online?

No. Payments cannot be made via Levies Online. For details on how to make a payment select ‘My Payments’ from the Levies Online menu and press a payment option.

Payments can be made via EFT, Cheque or Money Order. Refer to the information provided in ‘Making a payment’ for instructions.

Can I view my payment history in Levies Online?

Yes. Select ‘My Payments’ from the Levies Online menu. You can narrow your search parameters by using the filters to search by payment status, payment amount range or a date received range.

Can I view my Return History in Levies Online?

Yes. In Levies Online select ‘My Returns’ from the menu. This screen will display your previous levy returns. Click on the Return Ref to view details of each return. You can use the filters at the top of the screen to search by Return Type, Return Amount range or Submitted Date range.

Can I print a statement from Levies Online?

Yes. Select ‘My Returns’ from the Levies Online menu and select Download Statement.

Can I update my account details in Levies Online?

Yes. You can update your account details and contact details, turn reminder emails on or off and add Return Types to your account. Refer to the Levies Online User Guide for instructions.

Can I receive an automatic reminder to submit my levy return?

Yes. You can elect to receive a reminder email to be sent 7 days before your return is due. This function can be turned on or off. Please refer to the Levies Online User Guide for instructions.

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If you have any questions about levies and charges, your levies account or how to lodge your return, please contact the Levies Helpdesk via email: or call us on 1800 020 619

Last reviewed: 29 January 2021
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