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Animal Health Committee 27 meeting, 22-23 April 2015

Welcome to the Animal Health Committee (AHC) newsletter, Vetcommuniqué. The aim of Vetcommuniqué is to provide a communication link between AHC, industry bodies and other stakeholders.

AHC meetings are attended by the Chief Veterinary Officers (CVOs) of the Commonwealth, States and Territories, representatives of the Australian Animal Health Laboratory (AAHL), Animal Division (Department of Agriculture), the Australian Department of the Environment, Animal Health Australia (AHA), Wildlife Health Australia (WHA), and a New Zealand representative.  National industry association representatives from the Animal Health Australia (AHA) Industry Forum Executive and industry representatives from the host jurisdiction also attend a joint AHC-industry session.

AHC will meet on 22-23 April in Melbourne. Dr Michelle Rodan is the Western Australian Chief Veterinary Officer and AHC Chair for 2015.

Further information on AHC can be found on the Department of Agriculture website.

Key items for discussion

Key items for discussion:

  • Bovine Johne's Disease (BJD) Review

AHC will discuss their inputs into a process being led by AHA intended to lay the substance and structure of a recast, national Bovine Johne’s Disease strategy, as part of a thorough review of current arrangements and issues surrounding the management and control of the disease.

  • National Surveillance Business Plan

AHC members and their surveillance managers will attend a National Surveillance and Diagnostics Business Planning Workshop in Melbourne on 21 April 2015, the day before the AHC meeting. This dedicated workshop will address nationally coordinated action on surveillance given delays in progressing this priority as tasked by National Biosecurity Committee under the Intergovernmental Agreement on Biosecurity.

  • Avian Influenza (AI) Risk Mitigation

AHC will discuss progress in the development of an AI risk mitigation program by an Industry-Government Task Group. AHC is being asked by the Task Group to assist with government inputs into whether and how to facilitate enhanced surveillance and how to incentivise improved biosecurity measures undertaken by all poultry producers, but particularly those posing the highest risk.  

  • World Organisation of Animal Health (OIE) Performance of Veterinary Services (PVS) Engagement 

AHC will receive an update, discuss and coordinate preparations for Australia’s OIE PVS training session and OIE PVS evaluation in 2015.

  • AHC's National Animal Health Research Priorities

AHC will consider, for endorsement, a final document on AHC’s National Research Priorities, reflecting a collection of research questions identified by members as priorities for scientific input to policies and programs AHC is grappling with. AHC will also discuss distribution and use of the document, including as the formal AHC input to implementation of the National Animal Biosecurity R,D&E Strategy.

  • Wildlife Health Australia Report

AHC will hear from Wildlife Health Australia on its new status as an incorporated association, ongoing issues with the management of wildlife health events at national level, and an update on these events including a mysterious disease of turtles in NSW that is threatening a species.

AHC will include an industry session providing an opportunity for industry representatives to discuss priority national animal health policy and programme issues with AHC, including those listed above.

AHC Key Contacts

Key Contacts

Dr Michelle Rodan (AHC Chair 2015), Western Australian CVO, 08 9368 3309

Dr Mark Schipp, Australian CVO, 02 6272 4644

Dr Rod Andrewartha, Tasmanian CVO, 03 6233 6836

Dr Allison Crook, Queensland CVO, 07 3087 8014

Dr Ian Roth, New South Wales CVO, 02 6391 3577

Dr Charles Milne, Victorian CVO, 03 9217 4114

Dr Malcolm Anderson, Northern Territory CVO, 08 8999 2130

Dr Roger Paskin, South Australian CVO, 08 8207 7970

Dr Wendy Townsend, Australian Capital Territory CVO, 02 6205 3737

Dr Kurt Zuelke, Australian Animal Health Laboratories, 03 5227 5511

Dr Peter Dagg, Animal Health Australia, 02 6203 3907

Dr Robyn Martin, Animal Biosecurity, Department of Agriculture, 02 6272 5364

Mr. Peter Wright, Department of the Environment, 02 6274 1052

 Dr Rupert Woods, Chief Executive Officer, Wildlife Health Australia

Dr John Stratton, Policy Coordinator, Animal Health Committee, 02 6272 5058

Email: AHC
AHC website
Mail: GPO Box 858, Canberra ACT 2601

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