AHC vetcommunique March 2012 Pre AHC21 - edition 2012/1

Animal Health Committee 21 Face to Face, 11-12 April 2012

Welcome to the Animal Health Committee (AHC) newsletter for animal industry bodies. The aim of the Vetcommunique is to provide a communication link between AHC and industry bodies.

AHC meetings are attended by the Chief Veterinary Officers (CVOs) of the Commonwealth, States and Territories, the New Zealand CVO and representatives from Animal Health Australia (AHA), Australian Animal Health Laboratory (AAHL), Animal Division (DAFF), Animal Biosecurity (DAFF) and Australian Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities. National Industry association representatives and industry representatives from the host jurisdiction also attend an AHC – industry forum.

AHC meets on 11-12 April 2012 in Canberra, ACT. Dr Ian Roth is the New South Wales Chief Veterinary Officer and AHC Chair for 2012.

Further information on the structure of AHC can be found on the Australia's Animal Health System page.

Introducing Ian Roth – NSW Chief Veterinary Officer, Chair, AHC 2012

Ian graduated from Sydney University with a degree in Veterinary Science in January 1977.He worked as a veterinarian with the NSW Department of Primary Industries at Bourke, Tamworth and the Glenfield Veterinary Research Station prior to moving to the Head Office in Orange in 1990.

Ian was appointed Chief Veterinary Officer for NSW in December 2010 and prior to this was a Deputy Chief Veterinary Officer for 8 years. He was fully involved in the successful eradication of Equine Influenza, the eight Hendra cases in NSW in 2011 and many other animal disease programs.

Key items for discussion 

Industry involvement at AHC21 face-to-face meeting

Representatives from the Animal Health Australia Industry Forum have been invited to attend a joint session with AHC on Wednesday 11 April 2012.

Issues that will be discussed at this joint session include developments towards a National General Surveillance Framework, the National Action Plan on FMD, Hendra virus, and Schmallenberg virus.

Other issues to be discussed by AHC include:

  • AusVetPlan – Review of AI and NCD Response Policy
  • National General Surveillance Stakeholder Engagement Plan
  • National Laboratory Network
  • EBL Finalisation of National Program
  • BioSIRT Implementation Working group
  • BJD Standard Definitions, Rules and Guidance.

Key Contacts

  • Dr Ian Roth (AHC Chair 2012), New South Wales CVO, 02 6391 3577
  • Dr Andrew Cameron, Victorian CVO, 03 9217 4237
  • Dr Mark Schipp, Australian CVO, 02 6272 4644
  • Dr Brian Radunz, Northern Territory CVO, 08 8999 2130
  • Dr Rob Rahaley, South Australian CVO, 08 8207 7970
  • Dr Rick Symons, Queensland CVO, 07 3239 3242
  • Dr Rod Andrewartha, Tasmanian CVO, 03 6233 6836
  • Dr Tony Higgs, Western Australian CVO, 08 9368 3344
  • Dr Will Andrew, Australian Capital Territory CVO, 02 6207 2357
  • Dr Andrew Cupit, Animal Biosecurity, DAFF, 02 6272 5444
  • Dr Michelle Blowes, Animal Division, DAFF, 02 6272 4454 
  • Prof. Martyn Jeggo, Australian Animal Health Laboratories, 03 5227 5511
  • Dr Eva-Maria Bernoth, Animal Health Australia, 02 6203 3944
  • Ms Joanne Nathan, Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities 02 6275 9252
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