Vetcommunique March 2014 AHC25 - edition 2014/1

Animal Health Committee 25 Face to Face, 25-26 March 2014

Welcome to the Animal Health Committee (AHC) newsletter for animal industry bodies. The aim of the Vetcommunique is to provide a communication link between AHC and industry bodies.

AHC meetings are attended by the Chief Veterinary Officers (CVOs) of the Commonwealth, States and Territories, the New Zealand CVO and representatives from Animal Health Australia (AHA), Australian Animal Health Laboratory (AAHL), Animal Division (Department of Agriculture) and Australian Department of the Environment. National Industry association representatives and industry representatives from the host jurisdiction also attend an AHC – industry forum.

AHC meets on 25-26 March 2014 in Tasmania. Dr Rod Andrewartha is the Tasmanian Chief Veterinary Officer and AHC Chair for 2014.

Further information on the structure of AHC can be found on the Department of Agriculture website Animal Health Committee (AHC) page.

Key items for discussion

Key issues to be discussed by AHC include:

  • National Enhancing Surveillance  Business Plan – AHC will discuss enhancing animal health surveillance in  Australia to both improve early detection and support trade.
  • Avian Influenza Risk Mitigation – AHC  will explore options to reduce ongoing Avian Influenza risks to Australia.
  • Review of the National Approach to  the Management of Bovine Johnes Disease – AHC will explore strategic options  for ongoing BJD management in Australia.  
  • Foot-and-Mouth Disease Preparedness –  AHC will discuss ongoing measures to enhance Australia's FMD preparedness,  including progress with Exercise Odysseus aimed at enhancing Australia's  preparations for a national livestock standstill.
  • Use of Buparvaquone – AHC will  discuss the benefits and risks of Buparvaquone use to treat Theileriosis in  Australia.
  • Hendra virus policy – AHC will hear outcomes  from the Hendra research program and possible implications for Hendra policy in  Australia.

AHC will include an industry session  providing an opportunity for industry representatives to discuss priority national  animal health policy and programme issues with AHC, including those listed  above.

AHC Key Contacts

Key Contacts

Dr Rod Andrewartha (AHC Chair 2014), Tasmanian CVO, 03 6233 6836
Dr Mark Schipp, Australian CVO, 02 6272 4644
Dr Rick Symons, Queensland CVO, 07 3087 8014
Dr Ian Roth, New South Wales CVO, 02 6391 3577
Dr Cameron Bell, Acting Victorian CVO, 03 5430 4545

Dr Malcolm Anderson, Northern Territory CVO, 08 8999 2130
Dr Roger Paskin, South Australian CVO, 08 8207 7970
Dr Michelle Rodan, Acting Western Australian CVO, 08 9368 3309
Dr Will Andrew, Australian Capital Territory CVO, 02 6207 2357
Dr Kurt Zuelke, Australian Animal Health Laboratories, 03 5227 5511
Dr Eva-Maria Bernoth, Animal Health Australia, 02 6203 3944
Dr Andrew Cupit, Animal Biosecurity, Department of Agriculture, 02 6272 5444
Ms Joanne Nathan, Department of the Environment, 02 6275 9252
Dr John Stratton, Policy Coordinator, Animal Health Committee, 02 6272 5058
Adela Padurean, Secretary, Animal Health Committee, 02 6272 4549

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