Cruise vessel day trippers

​​​​​Crew and passengers going ashore for sight-seeing only and returning to the vessel the same day are ‘day trippers’ and are subject to inspection by department biosecurity officers. Day trippers are not permitted to take biosecurity risk material off the vessel.

Biosecurity risk material is any good that poses a risk of introducing any exotic weed, pest or disease into Australia. Biosecurity risk material includes goods with feathers, seeds and other material of animal and/or plant origin, including souvenirs, and certain foodstuffs.

All bags and goods are subject to biosecurity control and will be inspected by biosecurity officers. If there is an unacceptable biosecurity risk present, a biosecurity officer may direct you to treat the goods (at your own cost) following which the goods will be returned to you. Goods that cannot be treated will be forfeited to the Commonwealth and destroyed.

The department has produced a short announcement specifically for shore excursion passengers. The shore excursion announcement is to be played as:

  • the sole announcement where there are no disembarking passengers
  • following the disembarking passenger announcement, where there are both disembarking and shore excursion passengers.

For more information visit Travelling or sending goods to Australia.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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