Consultation Regulation Impact Statement, 2011

Species-Based Approach

In 2011, the department released a RIS for a species-based approach to biofouling management. This approach is identified as Option 2 in the current biofouling Consultation RIS. To support this approach the department completed a Species biofouling risk assessment and investigated the Temporal development of biofouling assemblages.

The species-based approach was not supported by many stakeholders during consultation. Responses suggested that a more focused and collaborative education program to promote proactive and internationally consistent biofouling management practices should be taken. This was perceived by many stakeholders as a more effective approach to reduce biofouling risk across the global shipping fleet. At the time of releasing the 2011 biofouling RIS the IMO Biofouling Guidelines had only been recently adopted.

Past submissions

Submissions to the 2011 Consultation RIS can be accessed to inform your current submission.

Last reviewed: 16 January 2020
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