Update 6: Grain and Plant Products Export Industry Consultative Committee

​​November 2014 - Update 6


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About the Grain and Plant Products Export Industry Consultative Committee

The Department of Agriculture Grain and Plant Products Export Industry Consultative Committee (the committee) is the principal forum for the department to consult with grain, fodder, nut, seed and timber industries on export inspection, certification, export market access and other relevant issues.

For more information visit Grain and Plant Products Export Industry Consultative Committee.

Next meeting details

Thursday 19 February 2015. To have issues added to the agenda please contact your industry association representative or contact the secretariat.

Key updates

The Committee met on 10 November 2014 via teleconference. Updates are issued following each committee meeting and provide an update on key projects and issues.

Documentation turn-around time

The National Documentation Hub (NDH) in Melbourne is currently not at full capacity and new staff members are undergoing training.  Plant Export Operations are reviewing where staff will be required for documentation activities and how to integrate the use of virtual hubs.  Management of the documentation hub will be based in Melbourne with outsourcing to virtual hubs were required.

Release of the Plant Exports Management System (PEMS) and issuance of tablets as part of the department wide IT reform should result in quicker authorisation times as inspectors can submit results as soon as the inspection takes place.

Details on phytosanitary certificates

It is important that information on both manual and electronic phytosanitary certificates issued by the department is consistent with ISPM 12 guidelines.  This will allow a smooth transition for the implementation of ePhyto.  An Asia and Pacific Plant Protection Commission (APPPC) working group has been formed to progress the implementation of ePhyto for member countries.

Commercial information should not be recorded on phytosanitary certificates.

Approved Arrangements

The Grain and Seed Exports Program (GSEP) is working closely with individual industries to help facilitate the move from Approved Arrangements (AAs) to the Authorised Officer (AO) model. In consultation with industry, GSEP is identifying alternate sampling and inspection options that could help streamline the certification process.

International movement of grain standard

The Department of Agriculture will be hosting an expert working group (EWG) to draft an international movement of grain standard.  It is expected that the EWG will meet in Melbourne in September 2015.

There is currently no international guidance in adopted International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM) that focuses specifically on phytosanitary measures for the international movement of grain.  The standard will ensure phytosanitary measures applied to the movement of grain to decrease the risk of introduction and spread of quarantine pests into new geographical areas is technically justified and will be the least trade restrictive.

Membership details

Membership of the Committee includes representatives of commodity sectors regulated by the Grain and Seed Exports Program. A complete list of representatives can be found on the Department of Agriculture website.

Contact details

Your feedback, comments and suggestions are important. If you require further information or have a question regarding information presented in this update, please speak to your industry association contact or the department directly.

Please send general correspondence to the Secretariat at Grain Export.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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