Update 7: Grain and Plant Products Export Industry Consultative Committee

​​​​​​February 2015 - Update 7


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About the Grain and Plant Products Export Industry Consultative Committee

The Department of Agriculture Grain and Plant Products Export Industry Consultative Committee (the committee) is the principal forum for the department to consult with grain, fodder, nut, seed and timber industries on export inspection, certification, export market access and other relevant issues.

For more information visit Grain and Plant Products Export Industry Consultative Committee.

Next meeting details

Thursday 11 June 2015.

To have issues added to the agenda please contact your industry association representative or contact the secretariat.

Key updates

The Committee met on 19 February 2015 in Canberra. Updates are issued following each committee meeting on key projects and issues.

Review of Cost Recovery Arrangements

The Department of Agriculture is reviewing its cost recovery arrangements as part of a long term strategy to ensure sustainable funding for its biosecurity and export certification activities. The review aims to streamline existing frameworks to reduce the complexity of the department’s fees and charges. The department currently has 17 cost recovery arrangements across import and export sectors. These cost structures have not kept pace with changes in the biosecurity system and adjustments in our business operating model. The review will look to support more efficient regulation by reducing red tape for clients and restructure fees and charges to reflect the current business operating model. It will ensure that the department is able to recover the full costs of services provided from the users of those services. 

Package Assisting Small Exporters (PASE)

On 13 May 2014, the government announced a $15 million package to assist sm​all exporters (PASE), comprising three components - a rebate for eligible small exporters is available in 2014-15 to assist with export registration charges; a review of export fees and charges; and funding for projects that will help improve market access for small exporters.

The third component of PASE is the projects. This initiative will fund projects designed to help small exporters improve market access.  Applications for project funding are now being sought. Project guidelines including the selection criteria and application details are available on the department’s website.

Bulk Vessel WHS

The Grain and Seed Exports Program conducted the first bulk vessel hold work health and safety risk assessment on the 11 November at Kwinana with regional staff from the Perth office assisting in the assessments. There will be another assessment in the South West region in the port of Geelong, Victoria in December. These two bulk vessel assessments will contribute to finalising the package of guidelines, work instructions and reference material for Authorised Officers inspecting empty bulk vessel holds for export.

International movement of grain standard

The Department of Agriculture will be hosting an expert working group (EWG) to draft an international movement of grain standard.  It is expected that the EWG will meet in Melbourne in September 2015.

There is currently no international guidance in adopted International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM) that focuses specifically on phytosanitary measures for the international movement of grain.  The standard will ensure phytosanitary measures applied to the movement of grain to decrease the risk of introduction and spread of quarantine pests into new geographical areas is technically justified and will be the least trade restrictive.

Membership details

Membership of the Committee includes representatives of commodity sectors regulated by the Grain and Seed Exports Program. A complete list of representatives can be found on the Department of Agriculture website.

Contact details

Your feedback, comments and suggestions are important. If you require further information or have a question regarding information presented in this update, please speak to your industry association contact or the department directly.

Please send general correspondence to the Secretariat at Grain Export.

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