High pressure processing of chicken meat

​We are assessing whether high pressure processing is an equivalent risk management measure to the heat treatments in the Generic import risk analysis for chicken meat: final report (2008) (chicken meat IRA).

Public consultation on this risk analysis has closed. We are now reviewing your feedback.

Your feedback

Thank you for sharing your perspectives, ideas and research.

Your feedback will help inform our final equivalence assessment for high pressure processing of chicken meat.

Next steps

Now that the public consultation is closed, we will:

  • consider all feedback
  • develop a final report.

We will then release the final report.

About the draft report

We conclude that high pressure processing of chicken meat is not a suitable alternative to the heat treatments in the chicken meat IRA.

The draft report details our:

  • key findings of this assessment
  • conclusion and recommendations.

This draft report has been reviewed by members of the Scientific Advisory Group (SAG), acting in their capacity as independent experts. The SAG members considered that we had:

  • followed a reasonable process during our assessment
  • properly considered all stakeholder submissions.

Read more about the functions of the Scientific Advisory Group.

Download the draft report

Department of Agriculture, April 2019

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Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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