Draft Import Risk Analysis Report for Ornamental Finfish with Respect to Iridoviruses - Extension to the Consultation Period

21 May 2009

Biosecurity Australia Advice 2009/12

This Biosecurity Australia Advice (BAA) advises stakeholders of an extension to the consultation period until 24 June 2009 for stakeholders to provide comments on the draft import risk analysis (IRA) report for ornamental finfish with respect to iridoviruses.

The Draft import risk analysis report for freshwater ornamental finfish with respect to quarantine risks associated with gourami iridovirus and other related viruses was issued on 24 March 2009 (BAA 2009/06) for 60 days’ public comment, closing on 25 May 2009. The report is available from the Biosecurity Australia website. A printed copy of the report can be requested from the contact officer below.

Biosecurity Australia has received a request for an extension to the closing date for comments. Given the significance of the IRA, the size of the report and the complexity of the issues covered in the report, under the provisions of the Quarantine Regulations 2000, as outlined in the Import Risk Analysis Handbook 2007, I have extended the consultation period for 30 days until 24 June 2009.

Technical comments, supported by published references where available, on the draft IRA report for ornamental finfish should be submitted to:

Animal Biosecurity
Biosecurity Australia
GPO Box 858
Canberrra ACT 2601
E-mail: Animal Biosecurity

An electronic version of submissions would be appreciated. Biosecurity Australia will consider all stakeholder comments on the draft report as it prepares a provisional final report.

Information on IRAs and policy reviews being conducted by Biosecurity Australia is available at Biosecurity Australia’s website. Please pass this notice to other interested parties. If those parties wish to be included in future communications on this matter they should get in touch with the contact officer.


Stakeholders are advised that, subject to the Freedom of Information Act 1982 and the Privacy Act 1988, all submissions received in response to BAAs will be publicly available and may be listed or referred to in any papers or reports prepared on the subject matter.

The Commonwealth of Australia reserves the right to reveal the identity of a respondent unless a request for anonymity accompanies the submission. Where a request for anonymity does not accompany the submission the respondent will be taken to have consented to the disclosure of their identity for the purposes of Information Privacy Principle 11 of the Privacy Act.

The contents of the submission will only be treated as confidential if they are marked ‘confidential’ and can be classified as such in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act.


Dr Colin J Grant
Chief Executive

Contact officer: Dr Ramesh Perera
Telephone: +61 2 6272 4675

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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