Final Biosecurity Import Risk Analysis report checklist

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources will complete the following checklist and attach it to each final BIRA report.

ChecklistContained in BIRA report

The scope of the BIRA was clearly defined before the official commencement of the BIRA

A BIRA Liaison Officer was assigned for the duration of the BIRA

A scientific advisory group was appointed

Suggestions for additional members to the Scientific Advisory Group were sought from state and territory governments and other stakeholders prior to BIRA commencement

Explains the detailed methodology used

Includes a clear description of the goods, including the context of the production practices, harvesting, processing and transport of the good

Explains how and when regional differences were considered and the reasons for why they were or weren’t considered further

Explains regional impacts and the way in which the department considered them

Explains how the recommended risk management measures meet ALOP

Addresses scientific points of significant conflict

Explains how areas of significant uncertainty were addressed

Includes a clear rationale and technical justification for why risk ratings were assigned

All notifications were published on the department’s website

The regulated steps and consultation periods were followed

The final BIRA report was released within the regulated timeframe

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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