Our culture and conditions

How well our people develop and succeed in their careers is a vital measure of our success. We’ll support you to create the career you want with:

  • mobility and secondment opportunities
  • access to formal and informal training and development
  • exposure to multiple subject areas
  • flexible working arrangements
  • mentoring opportunities.

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Our Core 4 Values

Our Core 4 values underpin our behaviours and articulate a shared understanding of how we work.

Working together, courage, diversity and excellence are encompassed by safety and integrity. This guides us to produce the best outcomes for our communities and stakeholders. We maintain an inclusive and welcoming workplace.

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Science at our core

We are focussed on:

  • attracting and harnessing the right talent and expertise
  • using world-class science and technology to make decisions
  • accessing reliable tools and data
  • building science partnerships and networks
  • increasing understanding and trust in the role of science in decision making.

Dr Marwan El Hassan is a system research scientist. He’s interested in building the drought and general resilience of social-ecological systems. This is holistic, collaborative management of landscapes for multiple purposes, whether it is agricultural, environmental, cultural or other uses.

"I work with a wide range of stakeholders. This includes farmers, Landcare groups, Natural Resource Management bodies, industry, research bodies, and universities. With my team, I support projects to build drought resilience of agricultural and broader landscapes through our Better Land Management programs. I also collaborate with a range of internal areas in DAFF that work on NRM and soils. What I find most exciting and very rewarding about my job is the opportunity to translate scientific thinking into practical programs. Through this, I am able to contribute to decision making processes."

Dr Marwan El Hassan
Assistant Director, Policy and Program Delivery Branch

Learn more in our Science Strategy.

Work with purpose

Working with us provides opportunities to work on complex policy problems. You could work on the design, development, implementation and evaluation of research, policy and programs supporting Australian agriculture and enhancing Australian biosecurity.

Our team members enjoy seeing the positive impact their work has on communities and businesses. Everyone can see their contribution. From our people on the ground in regional areas to our policy and support officers in our capital cities.

Skye Fruean is a Principal Veterinary Officer and leads a team providing technical advice to the department on animal biosecurity. She loves that her work is for the public good. Skye has a diverse background in clinical practice from Australia to Samoa as well as epidemiology in New Zealand. Skye first joined the department in 2010 and her range of experiences keeps growing with pest and disease surveillance and capacity building in Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste, and northern Australia.

"You don’t have to be pigeon-holed as a vet in DAFF. There are so many varied opportunities even within a single division, and your career development is well supported."

Skye Fruean
Principal Veterinary Officer

Work with influence

We work closely with key stakeholders. These include:

  • Australian businesses and farmers
  • Australian, state and territory and international governments and departments
  • international organisations
  • Australian and international universities

Work with the best

Science is at the heart of our work. The Office of the Science Convenor works to ensure science is represented in decision-making and the voices of scientists are heard at all levels.

Our Science Council comprises science champions and leaders using and undertaking science. The Council provides strategic oversight for the work of the Office of the Science Convenor and working groups.

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"I’m proud to work at ABARES because our teams are the best at what they do. We’re passionate about seeing the Australian agriculture, fisheries and forestry sector succeed. We work with our colleagues in a relaxed, safe and inclusive environment."

Dr Jared Greenville
Executive Director Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES)

Work flexibly

We support our team members to work in remote and regional areas. Technology enables us to connect team members whether they are in offices or working from home across Australia.

Our flexible working arrangements provide room to strike a healthy balance for you and your work, whatever your needs.

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