Changes to export certificates issued by the department

Implementation Timeline

All export certification issued by the department will be updated as part of the implementation of Australia’s new export legislation.

Australia’s updated certificates will be released during March 2021. Throughout this time, there will be a transition period where old and new certificates may be seen.

Importantly, the planned changes do not affect the assurances provided by the department’s regulatory controls over exports, or the information previously agreed regarding the consignment details described on the certificate (agreed certificate attestations).

The following changes will be made to Australia’s export certification

Export Control Act and Export Control (Animals) Order References

Australia is progressing implementation of its new Export Control Act. As part of the implementation of the new export legislation, Australia is required to remove any references to the year of the Export Control Act on all certificates. Any references to the Act will now appear as the ‘Export Control Act’, replacing Export Control Act 1982. Australia will also replace any reference to the Export Control (Animals) Order with the Export Control Act in its live animal and animal reproductive material certificates.

Any reference to ‘Regulations’ or ‘Orders’ within the declaration section of the signatory box, where included, will also be removed.

Government Branding

Branding of all Australian certificates, which reference department names beneath the crest, will be updated to state ‘Australian Government’.  This update will protect Australian certification against future name changes to the department. The updated crest will appear as depicted below:

In order to comply with the International Plant Protection Convention, all plant certificates will continue to list the name of the National Plant Protection Organisation (NPPO). Therefore, all plant certificates will include the name of the department in a text box beneath the Australian Government crest.

Signatory Arrangements

Australia is removing the signature of the Chief Veterinary Officer from all electronically issued meat, dairy, egg, non-prescribed goods and seafood health certificates. This will be replaced with a signature from the National Veterinary Technical Manager, who has oversight of the export systems in accordance with OIE and Codex guidance on certification arrangements.

There will be no changes to signatories for grain, seed and horticulture phytosanitary certificates. All grain and seed phytosanitary certificates will continue to be signed by the Director, Grain and Seed Exports Program and horticulture phytosanitary certificates will continue to be signed by the Director, Horticulture Exports Program.

Plant export certificates will update references to “Authorised Officer” with the term “delegate”.

There will also be no changes to signatory arrangements for live animal or reproductive material.

Last reviewed: 26 February 2021
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