2014-02 Resumption of trade in livestock to Egypt

​20 March 2014


Slaughter cattle and sheep



Relevant to

  1. Livestock exporters
  2. Department of Agriculture Live Animal Exports Officers
  3. LiveCorp and ALEC
  4. Australian Government Accredited Veterinarians – Livestock
  5. Registered Premise Operators


To advise exporters of the new arrangements to support the resumption of the cattle and sheep export trade to Egypt.


The trade in livestock destined for Egypt was subject to the Australian Meat and Live-stock Industry (Export of Live-stock to Egypt) Order 2008. Trade was specifically regulated under a closed loop system and was not subject to ESCAS.

An Order to repeal this legislation was registered on the Federal Register of Legislative Instruments (FRLI) on 19 March 2014 and became effective on 20 March 2014. As a result, livestock trade with Egypt is no longer regulated under a closed loop system. The Secretary of the Department of Agriculture also repealed the declaration under the Australian Meat and Live-stock Industry Act 1997 which exempted cattle exports to Egypt from ESCAS. As a result of these two changes, exports are able to commence under the ESCAS regulatory framework.

On 3 May 2013, industry announced a voluntary suspension of livestock exports to Egyptian facilities listed in the Order to receive Australian live cattle. In light of the Australian Government’s decision to implement the ESCAS regulatory framework in Egypt, industry has announced that it has lifted its voluntary suspension.

New health requirements have been developed for slaughter cattle to address Egypt concerns regarding the use of hormone growth promotants (HGPs).


Exporters seeking to export slaughter sheep or cattle to Egypt may now:

  1. Establish ESCAS supply chains in Egypt.
  2. Submit a Notice of Intention/Consignment Risk Management Plan/ESCAS to the Department of Agriculture.
  3. Ensure cattle exported to Egypt for slaughter purposes comply with the industry based HGP freedom certification measures for cattle exports to Egypt.

Applications submitted to the Department of Agriculture will need to be consistent with the regulatory framework including the Australian Meat and Live-stock Industry Act 1997 and Export Control Act 1982 and other standards and regulations.

Further information about the regulatory framework including ESCAS may be found at the regulatory framework website.

The department is updating the Manual of Importing Country Requirements (MICoR) to include the health requirements for slaughter sheep and revised health requirements for slaughter cattle.


Paul Vitolovich
Assistant Secretary (A/g)
Animal Export Reform Branch

Contact officer: Owen Harrod / Tim Naylor
Ph: (02) 6272 4581
Email livestock exports

Last reviewed: 11 November 2019
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