2015-12 – Contingency planning for fodder shortage during voyages

20 November 2015

Species: Livestock

Country: All countries

Relevant to:

Live Animal Exporters
Department of Agriculture and Water Resources Live Animal Export Officers
MLA / LiveCorp / ALEC


Recent incidents involving mechanical issues have resulted in unpredicted extensions to voyage length. As a result of increased voyage length contingency plans for additional fodder have been required to be implemented.

In one case the contingency plan did not sufficiently address the potential risks, resulting in a reportable mortality incident. In another case, extension to the voyage length resulted in rationing of fodder and significant mortalities were reported in post arrival quarantine. These incidents were caused by significant differences in fodder composition in the first instance and inappropriate transitioning to new fodder in the second instance.


The purpose of the export advisory notice is to remind exporters of the requirement to have adequate contingency plans to address fodder shortages during voyages.


The Australian Standards for Export of Livestock (Version 2.3) April 2011 (ASEL) requires all exporters to prepare a contingency risk management plan for fodder shortage during the voyage (as well as other emergencies).

Exporters are reminded that contingency plans to address fodder shortages during the voyage must:

  • have adequate means to match the fodder already on board the vessel to prevent on board mortalities and
  • advise the importer of any fodder shortages that occurred during the voyage and assist the importer with details of the fodder composition and transitioning onto local fodder.

To adequately address these issues exporters must consider:

  • the time required to manufacture fodder that matches the composition of that on board if the voyage length is extended and additional fodder must be sourced
  • the time and amount of existing fodder required to successfully transition to fodder of a different composition
  • importing country requirements for the origin of the fodder
  • availability and access to suitable fodder along the voyage route.


Narelle Clegg
Assistant Secretary
Live Animal Exports Branch
Exports Division
Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

Contact officer: Leah Wells     
Ph: 02-6272 3858
Email: Leah Wells

Last reviewed: 11 November 2019
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