2016-05 - Approved arrangements changes for registered premises

​​​30 March 2016

Species: All livestock

Country: All

For information:

  1. Operators of registered premises


To advise operators of registered premises (operators) of changes resulting from the implementation of approved arrangements for livestock exports.

Key points

  • Livestock exporters that have an approved arrangement operate under a new section of the Export Control (Animals) Order 2004 – section 1A.
  • Processes for exporters who are not operating under an approved arrangement have not changed.
  • Currently, four exporters have entered into approved arrangements with the department, and from April 2016, all livestock exporters will be eligible to apply for an approved arrangement.
  • Exporters with approved arrangements are not required to give operators approved export programs (AEP) issued by the department. Instead, for each consignment, these exporters are required to provide operators with:
    1. a description (including number, kind, class and condition) of the livestock;
    2. the dates the livestock are expected to arrive at, and depart from, the premises;
    3. the date the livestock will leave Australia;
    4. the importing country requirements relating to sourcing, pre-export quarantine or isolation, treatment and testing, and the exporter’s plans to meet those requirements;
    5. the standards in the Australian Standard for the Export of Livestock (ASEL) relevant to the export, and the exporter’s plans to meet those standards;
    6. any applicable requirements in orders made under the Australian Meat and Livestock Industry Act, and the exporter’s plans to meet those requirements.
  • Furthermore, for exporters with approved arrangements, operators no longer need to sight a ‘permission to leave for loading’ issued by the department before allowing loading to commence. These exporters will advise operators when they have met all the requirements of their approved arrangement and loading can commence. Operators should keep a record (note) of this advice.
  • It will be compulsory for all exporters to have an approved arrangement to export livestock from 1 January 2017 unless they are granted an exemption because they export small consignments infrequently.


An approved arrangement is an agreement between the department and a livestock exporter that allows for a more streamlined approach to export certification. The arrangement sets out the procedures an exporter employs to ensure Australian Government requirements for the certification of livestock for export are met, including:

  • the Australian Standard for the Export of Livestock;
  • importing country requirements; and
  • other legislative requirements.

Further Information

For further information visit Approved Arrangements or contact the department by email at Livesotck Exports or by phone 02 6272 4581.


Narelle Clegg
Assistant Secretary
Live Animal Exports Branch
Exports Division
Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

Contact officer: Erin Payne
Phone: 02 6272 4690
Email: Erin Payne

Last reviewed: 11 November 2019
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