2018-10 - REVISED Charging for Live Animal Export Independent Observers

​​26 September 2018


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To confirm charging arrangements for Department Independent Observers (IO’s) on sea vessels exporting livestock.

Key points

The Department is working towards providing IO’s on all vessels exporting livestock departing from Australia, from 1 November 2018. The IO will undertake audit activities whilst on the vessel confirming the arrangements the exporter has in place to manage the livestock in accordance with Standard 5 of the Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock (ASEL). The existing live animal export audit fee rates will apply to these services.  These fees are the standard rates as set out in the Export Control (Fees) Orders 2015. (See Table 1 for Audit charges).

The following standard fees will apply to each voyage that an IO accompanies:

  • 7 ½ hours audit per day from the day of arrival on the vessel until and including day of return to Australia
  • Per ¼ hour for audit support from Department officer in Australia

If the IO is required to provide additional audit activity outside the Department’s ordinary hours of duty, then outside ordinary hours charges will also apply, these are shown at Table 2. For further information on ordinary hours of duty and the application of outside ordinary hours fees refer to the Departmental Charging Guidelines. The guidelines will be updated to include IO charging details in the near future.

The exporter will also be required to pay all costs associated with the returning international business class flights to the IO home based capital city.

Where there are multiple exporters and consignments on a voyage, the IO will assign charges on a per consignment basis.

Table 1: LAE audit fees
Fee for Service Type Legislated rate Unit
Audit Fee $43 Per 15 minutes or part thereof

Table 2: Outside ordinary hours fees (in addition to the LAE audit fee charge above in table 1)
Outside Ordinary hours Fee for Service Type Legislated Rate Unit
Continuous (weekday) Fee $15 Per 15 minutes
or part thereof
Non-continuous (weekday) Fee $30 30 minutes (minimum fee)
$15 Per 15 minutes thereafter
(weekend or public holiday)
Fee $40 30 minutes (minimum fee)
$20 Per 15 minutes thereafter

Table 3: LAE standard daily audit rates
Fee for Service 15 minute units Rate Daily Rate Total
Weekday 7 ½ hr audit 7.5 hours x 4 = 30 $43 30 x $43 = $1,290 $1,290
Weekend or public holiday 7 ½ hour audit 7.5 hours x 4 = 30 $43 30 x $43 = $1,290 $1,890
$20 30 x $20  = $600


A scenario depicting a standard livestock export audit activity and related charges is provided below.

Scenario 1 – Independent Observer 13 day Broome to Malaysia

An IO departs Melbourne and arrives at Broome at 4.00pm on Monday 6 August for a 13 day voyage to Malaysia. The voyage is estimated to depart at 11.00am on Tuesday 7 August. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the voyage departure is delayed until Wednesday 8 August at 10.00am.

The IO provides the standard 7 ½ hour audit service each day.

The IO obtains audit support from Australia for a total 18 x ¼ hours throughout the audit, this includes 10 x ¼ hour units on weekdays and 4 x 30 minute units on weekends.

The unloading of stock is not completed until 10.00pm on 20 August and the IO departs for Melbourne on the next available flight at midday on 21 August.

The livestock exporter is charged as follows:

Delay at Broome – Tuesday 7 August 1 x weekday audit rate ($1,290) $1,290
13 day voyage 8 – 20 August 9 x weekday audit rate ($1,290) $11,610
4 x weekend audit rate ($1,890) $7,560
Audit support from Australia 10 x weekday ¼ hour ($43) $430
4 x weekend 30 minutes ($86 + $40) $504
International flight – Malaysia to Melbourne Airfares $2,780 (including GST) $2,780
Additional day travel to Australia 1 x weekday audit rate ($1,290) $1,290
Total $25,464


Enquiries on charging can be directed to the Cost Recovery mailbox.

Erin Payne
Live Animal Exports Branch
Exports Division
Department of Agriculture and Water Resources​​​​​

Last reviewed: 11 November 2019
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