2020-08 - Publication of the Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock 3.0

22 April 2020


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  • Australian Government Accredited Veterinarians
  • Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council
  • Department Officers
  • LiveCorp
  • Livestock Exporters
  • Meat and Livestock Australia
  • Registered Premises Operators


To advise stakeholders that the new Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock (ASEL) 3.0 has been published. The ASEL 2.3 remains the current version in force. The ASEL 3.0 will commence on 1 November 2020.

Key points

The ASEL 3.0 is now available on the department’s website. The website also includes information about transitioning to the new ASEL.

Publication of the ASEL 3.0 ahead of its commencement on 1 November 2020 provides time for stakeholders to understand the new standards and update necessary processes and documentation. In the meantime, the current ASEL 2.3 continues to apply.
The department will work with stakeholders to manage and communicate the requirements in order to transition from the ASEL 2.3 to the ASEL 3.0.

The website provides information on the steps needed by exporters and registered premises operators to update approved application types, such as approved arrangements, approved export programs and registered premises manuals.

These applications will need to be assessed and approved by the department before exporters and registered premises operators can prepare livestock for export on or after 1 November 2020.

To facilitate this process, the department will also deliver information to stakeholders via webinar, phone and email. This will include information about when variation applications can be submitted to the department.


  • The ASEL sets out requirements to ensure livestock are fit to export and to manage the risks to animal health and welfare throughout the export supply chain. The standards outline the minimum animal health and welfare conditions exporters must meet.
  • The department has committed to a major review of the ASEL every 3 years and to make necessary updates annually.
  • The release of the ASEL 3.0 follows the recent review by an independent Technical Advisory Committee. The review made a total of 88 recommendations and 15 other amendments. The department supported all recommendations either in full or in principle.
  • The ASEL 3.0 incorporates the review’s recommendations into the standards and feedback from stakeholders during consultation.
  • The department will be actively engaging with stakeholders throughout implementation of the ASEL 3.0 in 2020, and further information will be provided as available.

Nick Vazenios
Live Animal Exports Branch
Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment

Contact officers
Jess Rummery (ASEL 3.0 implementation)
Kelly Porter (ASEL 3.0 standards)
Phone: 02 6272 4581
Email livestockexp@agriculture.gov.au

Last reviewed: 22 April 2020
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