2021-06 - Amendment to penning requirements for cattle or buffalo under a heavy management plan for sea voyages

9 April 2021


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Species: Cattle and buffalo

Countries: All


  • Accredited Veterinarians (AAVs)
  • Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council
  • Department Officers
  • LiveCorp
  • Livestock Exporters
  • Meat and Livestock Australia
  • Registered Establishment Occupiers


To advise stakeholders that cattle or buffalo may now be penned with those that are covered under a heavy management plan for sea voyages if approved by the department.  

Key points

  • The Approved Arrangement Guidelines for the Export of Livestock (AA guidelines) have been updated to include the requirements for allowing penning of certain cattle or buffalo with those covered under a heavy livestock management plan by sea.
  • Exporters who wish to do this will need to submit a variation application to the department for approval.

Further changes to the guidelines are summarised in EAN 2021-07.  


  1. Exporters wishing to pen cattle or buffalo that are 500kg or less with those that are more than 500kg and covered under a heavy management plan for sea voyages must make an application to the department for approval of their management plan.
  2. Exporters must specify in their management plan that cattle or buffalo which are 500kg or less may be penned with those that are more than 500kg and covered under the heavy management plan in the registered establishment and on the vessel with the below risk mitigation factors:
    1. The weight of each animal in the pen must not vary from the pen average weight by more or less than 50 kg (i.e. if the average weight of the pen is 520 kg, all animals in the pen must weigh between 470 kg and 570 kg).
    2. All animals in the pen, including those that weigh 500 kg or less, must be managed in accordance with the heavy management plan.


  • ASEL sets the minimum animal health and welfare requirements the livestock export industry must meet to prepare and export livestock from Australia. The current version that exporters must comply with is ASEL 3.1.
  • As per ASEL 3.1 standard 5.1.1.b, livestock must be segregated in accordance with the penning arrangements equal to Standard 3.1.16. Standard 3.1.16.c states that livestock must be penned so that animals of different physical characteristic (such as those covered under any applicable management plans) are not mixed in a single pen.
  • The department has made amendments to how the heavy cattle or buffalo management plan by sea is applicable to this standard.

Annette Miller
A/g Director
Live Animal Export Branch
Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment

Alyssa Wang
Contact officer
Phone: 02 6272 4581
Email livestockexp@awe.gov.au

Last reviewed: 9 April 2021
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