Terms of reference Farmer review

​​The terms of reference for the independent review into Australia’s livestock export trade were to examine:

  1. the facilities, treatment, handling and slaughter of livestock, exported from Australia, in the importing country for consistency with the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) recommendations and standards set out in Terrestrial Animal Health Code (2010) published by the World Organisation for Animal Health and other relevant standards
  2. the adequacy of the Australian Standards for the ​Export of Livestock (ASEL) as they apply to the preparation and export of all livestock with consideration of responsibilities for compliance and enforcement of the ASEL
  3. the adequacy and effectiveness of current Australian regulatory arrangements for the live export trade
  4. the types of livestock suitable (weight, age, body condition, breeds) for export as feeder or slaughter animals
  5. the extent of monitoring required for each export consignment of feeder or slaughter livestock, in a manner that ensures accurate and transparent reporting to the Australian Government of the condition of the livestock from departure from Australia up to and including the point of slaughter in the country of destination
  6. the risk management strategies necessary to address the welfare of animals from departure from Australia, up to and including the point of slaughter in the country of destination
  7. other matters relevant to these terms of reference that the reviewer considers appropriate.
Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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