Standard export plan template

Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, March 2016

​​This template is to provide guidance on the content of a standard export plan. It is not mandatory to use this specific template and a current CRMP template could be utilised.


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Connsignment details
Attach a copy of the NOI, this will then support the below details of the consignment such as market, class, transport details, permit requirements, AAV and premises information. Ensure that when changes are applied to the NOI that the most current version of the NOI accompanies the export plan.
Importing Country RequirementsProcedureSupporting documentation
List the specific importing country requirement- as currently detailed in the CRMP, MICoR, AEP and on the import permit.Summarise the procedure for meeting each requirement-as currently detailed in MICoR, the CRMP and in the department’s approval letter and AEP.Reference the supporting documentation
ASEL RequirementsSupporting documentation
List relevant ASEL standards for the consignmentList all relevant supporting documentation specific to the consignment to meet the standards. This would include the appendixes and/or additional documentation specific to the consignment.
Special/Additional conditionsProcedureSupporting documentation
Provide details of the conditions .This may be a condition applied to the licence, a special condition for this particular market/species or an export advisory notice direction.Summarise the procedure for meeting each condition- as currently detailed in the CRMP and the department’s approval letter.Reference the supporting documentation

LNC-0123 Feeder cattle t​​​o Indonesia-Departure date 28/10/2015

An example of what a CSEP would contain. Please note this example only details a few requirements.

Connsignment details
LNC-1234 attached to export plan. The most current version of the NOI will be attached to the plan. The plan will be updated accordingly when required.
Importing Country RequirementsProcedureSupporting documentation
  • Cattle will be free from clinical evidence of any diseases during the 30 days prior to shipment.
  • The cattle were treated with a registered parasiticide that is a registered tick treatment for external parasites within 14 days prior to export
  • Obtain Property of origin disease documentation from relevant State or Territory Veterinary Authority that there have been no reports of notifiable diseases of ruminants on the properties of origin during the 30 days prior to shipment.
  • Engage an AAV to inspect, access and treat animals at the nominated premises.
  • Property of origin statement-DAFSA reference 22-11-3333
  • Treatment declarations dated
ASEL RequirementsSupporting documentation
ASEL V2.3-Standard 1- Sourcing and on-farm preparation of livestock
  • ​Buyers written instructions version 01
ASEL V2.3-Standard 2 Land transport
  • Transport contract
  • Waybills

ASEL V2.3-Standard 4 Vessel preparation and loading

  • Fodder, water and bedding will be prepared in line with ASEL. Specific requirements detailed in travel and load plan.
  • Animals will be loaded and penned in line with ASEL. Specific requirements detailed in travel and load plan.
  • Heavy bull management plan provided to the livestock supervisor
  • Heavy bull management plan
  • Travel and load plan

ASEL V2.3-Standard 5 On-board management of livestock

  • Written instructions to the AAV, accredited stockperson and master
  • Vessel preparation and on board management work instruction
  • Contingency plan for loading and short haul voyages
Special/Additional conditionsProcedureSupporting documentation
Shipments to Indonesia of over 5,000 animals must be accompanied by an accredited veterinarian. This will be reviewed after 6 months.On acknowledgement of a shipment of over 5,000 animals, we will engage the services of a shipboard accredited veterinarian. This will be indicated on the NOI application.​LNC -0123
Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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