Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock (ASEL) forms and reporting


Under ASEL, exporters, Accredited Veterinarians (AAVs), accredited stockpersons and registered establishment (RE) occupiers must submit ASEL regulatory reports in the form provided on the department’s website and include all information required in the form.

Forms for the ASEL regulatory reports and the associated platform are provided through LIVEXCollect, a LiveCorp-administered data collection and management system.

The LIVEXCollect Data Collection Tool is the form for providing the following reports in accordance with ASEL:

  • ASEL standard 5.6.7: daily report for sea voyages
  • ASEL standard 5.6.8: end-of-voyage (EOV) report for sea voyages
  • ASEL standard 3.8.3: registered establishment (RE) mortality report
  • ASEL standard 6.11.2: end-of-journey (EOJ) report for air journeys

The LIVEXCollect forms standardise data entry and reporting, allowing improved data aggregation and analysis. This supports our regulatory functions and LiveCorp’s activities as the research and service body for the livestock export industry.

The LIVEXCollect forms, Privacy Policy and Privacy Collection Notice, and the Terms and Conditions of the use of the LIVEXCollect system, are now available via the LiveCorp website. These documents include information about data access rights and how data entered into LIVEXCollect will be collected and used.

Exporters, AAVs, accredited stockpersons and RE occupiers must use the forms provided through LIVEXCollect, and should not develop their own forms for ASEL RE mortality reports, daily reports, EOV or EOJ reports.

Training and support on how to use the LIVEXCollect system is offered by LiveCorp.

Report requirements

Daily, EOV, EOJ and RE mortality reports

The LIVEXCollect forms for RE mortality, daily, EOV and EOJ reports available via the LiveCorp website must be used.

To register for LIVEXCollect, users should contact LiveCorp at LIVEXCollect users are not required to become members of LiveCorp to access and use the LIVEXCollect forms.

Submission of LIVEXCollect reports

LIVEXCollect must be used for the submission of RE mortality, daily, EOV and EOJ reports, in accordance with ASEL reporting requirements.

Within the timeframes required in ASEL, reports must be emailed to

The reports must also be emailed at the same time to

Important information on compatibility

To use the ASEL forms through LIVEXCollect, you will need to have access to a computer with a Microsoft operating system (Windows) and a compatible version of Excel (2016 or 2019 (preferred)).

The ASEL forms through LIVEXCollect include automated components to maintain data consistency and quality. These will be affected if you use the forms on incompatible operating systems or software versions.

For assistance using LIVEXCollect, email

Last reviewed: 14 July 2021
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