Complying with importing country requirements

​​​The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources​ gives guidance on importing country requirements in the online Manual of Importing Country Requirements (MICoR). Every livestock exporter should visit the MICoR webpage to apply for a login so they can use this program and access its information. 

Livestock exporters and other industry participants who wish to use MICoR must apply for access, by clicking on ‘Apply for access’ in the grey ‘Login box’ at the top right of the MICoR screen. Exporters of reproductive material, or animal species that are not livestock, need not apply for access; however, MICoR will only display entries for livestock species if the user has been granted access to livestock species.

In many cases, Australia has signed a government-to-government agreement that sets out importing country requirements. In other cases, importing country requirements are set out only in the import permit that the importing country issues for each consignment. Those requirements may change from permit to permit.

If a country or animal commodity is not listed in MICoR, it means that there is no country-to-country agreement for export of that country/species combination. Exporters should contact their regional office for further information.

The department will issue an animal health certificate and export permit only on the basis of official documentation published or issued by the competent authority in the importing country.

It is essential that exporters comply with importing country requirements so that there is no risk that the importing country will reject the export consignment. A department certifying officer will not issue an animal health certificate and export permit unless they are satisfied that the export consignment complies with all importing country requirements.

If the importing country requires that livestock be subject to pre-export quarantine before export, the animals must be held in registered premises in the case of export by sea, or approved premises in the case of export by air.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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