Report 112: MV Ganado Express - Cattle exported to Vietnam in April 2019

Cattle exported to Vietnam in April 2019


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Voyage summary

A consignment of 2,295 cattle were loaded onto the MV Ganado Express at the port of Townsville on 17 April 2019. The proposed voyage length was ten days. Mechanical issues affecting the vessel during the voyage added three days to the voyage length. Cattle were discharged at the port of Haiphong, Vietnam, on 1 May 2019, making this a 15 day voyage.

An Independent Observer (observer) boarded the vessel in Townsville and remained on board until completion of discharge.

There were no mortalities on this voyage.

The following comments represent a summary of key observations and has been approved by the observer who accompanied the voyage.

Independent Observations of the implementation of procedures to ensure health and welfare of livestock

Exporter documentation

Exporter arrangements were available to address procedures relating to livestock management from loading through to discharge and contingencies.


The observer did not note any issues with loading.


The LiveCorp Accredited Stockperson (stockperson) responsible for the health and welfare of the cattle during the voyage had been a stockperson on livestock vessels for approximately 20 years.

The crew took direction well and worked in a safe manner with animal welfare always a priority.

The observer noted that the stockperson and crew worked diligently throughout the voyage.

Daily routine

A daily meeting was held at 11:30 am each day between the Chief Officer (CO) and stockperson where issues were discussed. The stockperson communicated with the bosun at other times throughout the day to discuss matters such as feeding schedules.

Feeding commenced at approximately 7:00am each morning with a top up provided at 10:30am. An afternoon feed occurred at 3:00pm.

Three crew members conducted night watch and were observed to be checking livestock and cleaning water bowls and feed troughs.

Feed and water

Adequate fodder was available despite the extended voyage length caused by mechanical issues. Fodder was collected from chutes in bags and manually distributed to feed troughs. Chaff was broken into biscuits and fed out by crew. The cattle were well prepared and adjusted to the fodder on board as it was also fed in the registered premises prior to loading.

The vessel produced fresh water by on board reverse osmosis. Fresh water was delivered to livestock by an automatic nose bowl watering system which was cleaned by crew daily.


Ventilation was fully functioning throughout the voyage with livestock services not affected by the mechanical issues.

Temperatures remained mild during the voyage with no heat stress observed.

Pen conditions

Deck washing was not required during the voyage as overall pen conditions were good. A small number of pens became wet and sawdust was applied to manage moisture in these pens.

Health and welfare

There were no animal welfare issues observed. Cattle were observed to have adequate space, fodder and water.

Ten cattle were placed in hospital pens and received treatment. All ten cattle recovered and were discharged.


Discharge commenced two hours after the vessel arrived at port in Haiphong. The discharge process went smoothly and quickly, taking a total of fifteen hours to complete.

No animal welfare issues were observed during discharge.


Although the voyage was longer than proposed, the pads remained satisfactory and there was sufficient fodder for the extra days of the voyage.

The exporter arrangements were observed to be implemented during the voyage and to be compliant with Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock (Version 2.3) 2011 requirements.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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