Report #32 - May 2014 – self-report relating to cattle in Vietnam

​On 13 May 2014, South East Asian Livestock Services Pty Ltd (SEALS) self-reported a non-compliance with ESCAS requirements to the department. The report was in relation to the movement of cattle outside one of the exporter’s approved supply chains in Vietnam.  SEALS provided a reconciliation of cattle in which they advised that 99 cattle were slaughtered at five facilities outside of their approved supply chains.  The department has since approved the inclusion of two of these abattoirs in the exporter’s supply chain. The remaining three abattoirs are included in other exporters’ approved supply chains and meet OIE standards.  SEALS advised that the error was due to a misunderstanding by the importer’s managers who believed that cattle could be supplied to abattoirs where training had been provided by the exporter.

SEALS provided details of the corrective actions the company had put in place. These actions include:

  • marketing managers no longer being responsible for livestock logistics;
  • the appointment of two additional full time staff to assist in monitoring and overseeing the supply chain;
  • regular visits by the exporter’s ESCAS manager for South East Asia to oversee the supply chain; and
  • the intention to employ one staff member as full time animal welfare officer manager.

The department has recorded a minor non-compliance against the SEALS Vietnam supply chain.

The department accepted that the actions taken by the exporter in this case sufficiently addressed the concerns and therefore no additional regulatory action was taken.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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