Report #34 - June 2014 – self reports relating to cattle in Indonesia

​In June 2014, Australian Rural Exports Pty Ltd (Austrex) and International Livestock Export Pty Ltd (ILE) self-reported a non-compliance with Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System (ESCAS) requirements in Indonesia. The report was in relation to the slaughter of cattle outside an approved supply chain. As the incident at the facility involved was common to two exporters, these reports were combined as one review.  

The review found that 24 cattle (14 Austrex and 10 ILE) were moved from an approved supply chain facility to an abattoir that was not in the approved supply chain. The movement was due to the actions of an employee within the supply chain, who it is believed sold the cattle for personal profit.

A number of corrective actions were implemented by the importer and exporters:

  • Employee who sold cattle dismissed
  • Appointment of additional animal welfare officers
  • Daily reconciliation reporting to exporter from abattoir and feedlot
  • Increase of QA monitoring by supply chain officers
  • CCTV installed at abattoir

A minor non-compliance has been recorded against both the ILE and Austrex supply chain. The department accepted that the actions taken by both exporters in this case sufficiently addressed the concerns and therefore no further regulatory action was taken.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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