Report #36 - June 2014 – third party report relating to sheep in Kuwait

​On 27 June 2014, Animals Australia submitted a report to the department that alleged approximately 150 Australian sheep exported under ESCAS requirements to Kuwait had been offered for sale and slaughter at locations not included in an approved ESCAS.

The department reviewed the information provided and determined that while it is likely the information demonstrates ongoing leakage of a relatively small number of sheep in Kuwait, further investigation of the matter is unlikely to result in the department confirming which supply chain or exporter the sheep originated from. As such the department did not investigate the report further.

The department considered this information as relevant information when assessing future applications to export slaughter sheep to Kuwait and continues to work with exporters to reduce the risk of such events reoccurring such as noting the importance of maintaining adequate traceability and control systems to minimise leakage.

No non-compliances were recorded against any exporters supply chains in Kuwait in relation to this report.

The department passed on relevant information to the exporters to assist in managing their ESCAS.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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