Report 48, 49 and 66: Cattle exported to Indonesia

Wellard identified miscounts in three consignments to Indonesia, two during November 2014 (self-report #48 and #49) and one in May 2015 (self-report #66). When reviewing the final counts made at the arrival depot in Indonesia, additional animals to those counted on to the vessel in Darwin were found. Review of information provided by the exporter confirmed 17, 15 and five additional animals were loaded on these consignments. These errors were attributed to inaccurate ship-side counting in Darwin. The exporter was able to provide documentation demonstrating that all additional animals met importing country requirements and identifying their property of origin. The exporter demonstrated that ASEL requirements for feed, water and space had been met during the voyage.

Wellard implemented procedures to address inaccurate counts during loading, with three additional staff members to count and reconcile animal numbers at the export yard, weighbridge and ship loading ramp. These have been effective, with no further reports of miscounts as of 8 November 2016.  No further action was taken by the department.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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