Report 133: Cattle exported to Israel

On 3 February 2017, Animals Australia reported observing Australian cattle held in poor conditions in a feedlot in Israel on 28 January 2017. Cattle were observed standing in deep, wet manure. Photographs of cattle in the feedlot were provided with the report. The ear tags were identified as being Livestock Shipping Services Pty Ltd (LSS) tags.

LSS confirmed that they had exported the cattle. They provided a report stating that the cattle had been moved to different pens which w​ere covered from the weather, and provided additional photographs taken a few days after the Animals Australia photos showing improved conditions in the feedlot.

The department reviewed the reports and photographs provided by both Animals Australia and LSS, as well as local weather data, and determined that the feedlot conditions were the result of high rainfall during the period of 25‑27 January 2017 in the area where the feedlot is located.

No further action was required and no regulatory action was taken by the department.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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