Meat Notice 2019-02 – Implementation of new Official Marks – bolt seals and tamper-indicative seals

20 June 2019

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This Industry Advice Notice (IAN) provides further information on the implementation of the new official marks – bolt seals and tamper-indicative seals, advice on ordering the new seals, and instructions on the disposal of the old seals.

An initial IAN was distributed on 14 May 2019 (Attachment A), providing some preliminary information on the change and should be read in conjunction with this notice.


This notice applies to all clients using bolt seals and tamper-indicative seals issued by the department.


Following a tender process, a change in appearance of bolt seals and tamper-indicative seals will occur. The implementation date for these changes is 1 August 2019. The existing bolt seal and tamper-indicative seal must cease being applied at close of business 31 July 2019.

All consignments with a health certificate dated on or after 1 August must be accompanied by the new seals.

Ordering New Seals

Orders for the new seals can now be placed. The seals will be dispatched as soon as possible. The department encourages you to place your orders as soon as practical to facilitate their swift dispatch.

A copy of the ordering form is found at Attachment B. Completed forms should be sent to the following regional office for action:

North East Region (Brisbane)

Post: PO Box 222, Hamilton Central, QLD 4007

Ensure the new seals remain segregated until they are required on 1 August onwards.

Disposal of Old Seals

All use of the old seals must cease on close of business 31 July 2019.

For Establishments with a permanent departmental officer present

The seals must be secured once not in use, reconciled, and destroyed under the supervision of the authorised officer, such as the On Plant Veterinarian. The seals can be ‘destroyed’ by locking the mechanism, to ensure they cannot be used, or in any way deemed satisfactory by the departmental officer.

Record the details of the destruction and email the Destruction certificate at Attachment C to

For Establishments with no permanent departmental presence

Please organise for the return of the seals to the North East Region office (details as above).



Last reviewed: 3 August 2020
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