AQIS Notice 2011-3 - Extension of use of voluntary Regulatory Mark

​Date Issued: 23 March 2011
AQIS Notice Number: 2011/3
AQIS File Number:
Date of Effect: Immediate
Date of Expiry: 1 February 2012
AQIS Contact: Julie Crockett + 61 2 6272 3928
Email: npgexports
Distribution Category:
Approved Certifying Organisations
Certified operators currently using mark
Last Notice in the category: nil
Instruction issued under: Export Control (Organic Produce Certification) Orders


1. To advise of the extension of use of the current revoked Regulatory Mark by operators already using the mark.


2. Notification was issued to industry dated 12 April 2010 revoking the use of the Regulatory Mark on organic product labels on or before 30 October 2010.

3. Industry requested to AQIS an extension of time due to the quantity of product labels already in stock displaying the mark, which may have caused serious financial implications to several operations.

4. AQIS agreed to an extension of time for use of the mark with a revised cessation date of 30 June 2011. A notice of extension dated 28 May 2010 was issued to the certifying organisations for circulation to the operators.

5. Industry requested through the Organic Industry Standards and Certification Council (OISCC), that AQIS consider a replacement mark for use by industry.

6. AQIS have agreed to consider implementing a replacement mandatory official mark in the review of the Organic Orders.


7. AQIS are conducting a broad industry consultation process via the circulation of a short questionnaire to industry for feedback on issues relating to the review of the Export Control (Organic Produce certification) Orders. A question relating to an official mark is included in the questionnaire.

8. The legislative review process will not be completed before the cessation date of 30 June 2011. Therefore operators will not have a Government mark to use on product labels after 30 June 2011.

9. A decision on a new official mark will be made at the conclusion of the review. If supported by industry, (as indicated by the consultation process) it is proposed the use and conditions of an official mark on organic product labels will be included in the revised legislation.

10. An extension of time until 1 February 2012 is being granted to allow the review process to be completed.


AQIS approved certifying organisations to:

11. Advise those operators currently using the Regulatory Mark that they can continue using the Regulatory Mark until 1 February 2012.

12. Refuse all new applications by operators requesting use of the mark. No new approval is to be given. Only operators who were using the mark prior to 12 April 2010 are eligible to continue the use of the mark until 1 February 2012.

13. Reject any label approval requests for operators that do not currently display the mark.

14. Ensure relevant staff are aware of the above instructions.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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