2011-4 - Scope of 2011-12 annual audit by AQIS

​Date Issued: 25 July 2011
AQIS Notice Number: 2011/4
AQIS File Number:
Date of Effect: Immediate
Date of Expiry: 30 June 2012
AQIS Contact: Julie Crockett + 61 2 6272 3928
Email: npgexports
Distribution Category:
Approved Certifying Organisations
Last Notice in the category: nil
Instruction issued under: Export Control (Organic Produce Certification) Orders


1. To advise approved certifying organisations of the scope for the annual audit for the 2011/12 financial year.


2. It is a requirement under Division 5 of the Export Control (Organic Produce Certification) Orders 2005 and Part II of AQIS Administrative Arrangements that each approved certifying organisation is audited annually by an authorised officer. 

3. The scope for the 2010/11 audits included assessment of approved certifying organisations ability to demonstrate how they manage:

  • traceability of transfer documents between operators;
  • AQIS RFP/Health certificate detail listed on OPC are accurate;
  • inputs used in a primary production or processing system for compliance with the National Standard; and
  • all AQIS notices issued have been implemented.


4. The scope for the 2011/12 audits will:

a. Review the closure of 2010/11 CARs issued
b. Review the evidence of the implementation of AQIS Notices issued since and including Notice 2010/06 onwards.
c. Organic Produce Certificate (OPC) review
d. Audit report review
e. Review of certification review decision processes and records


5. Approved certifying organisations to note the information above;
6. AQIS will cover these issues during the 2011/12 annual audit.


7. It is expected that the 2012/13 audit will include

a. a review of auditor capabilities (skills, experience, training, qualifications etc); and
b. How a certifying organisation determines that the goods listed on the OPC are eligible for receiving an OPC (ie goods are actually covered by the scope of an operator and are not under any exclusion from the export chain).

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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