Summary of questionnaire responses

​Summary of Industry Preferences from the Legislative Review Questionnaire Relating to the Export Control (Organic Produce Certification) Orders​

In 2011 AQIS initiated an industry wide consultation process as the first stage of recommencing the legislative review process of the Export Control (Organic Produce Certification) Orders. The consultation process sought feedback from stakeholders on key aspects of the export process via a questionnaire. The results of which are:

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Question 2 – Do your certified products enter the export market?

  • ​41% of respondents have products that enter the export market
  • 39% do not have product that enters the export market, and
  • 20% were unaware if their product entered the export market.

Question 3 – Should the Australian organic sector require legislation to export certified organic products? Why?

  • ​65% of respondents were supportive of the Australian organic sector having legislation to export certified organic products
  • 21% indicated legislation to export certified organic products was not preferred, and
  • 14% did not indicate a preference.

Question 4 – Should one Standard be used for export? Why?

  • 83% of respondents supported the implementation of one standard
  • 12% indicated they did not think one standard was appropriate, and
  • 5% had no preference.

Question 5 – If Yes to Question 4, which Standard would best serve the organic export sector and why?

Of the 83% of respondents in support of one standard for Australian organic production,

  • ​44% indicated support for the National Standard for Organic and Bio-Dynamic Produce
  • 30% indicated support for the Australian Standard (AS6000), and
  • 26% did not have a preference for either standard.

Question 6 – Would you like a mandatory official mark to be used on Australian product labels for export? Why?

  • ​63% of respondents supported a mandatory official mark
  • 29% were opposed to a mandatory mark, and
  • 8% did not have a preference either way.

Question 7 – Are there any changes you would like made to export legislation, which are not already addressed in the outcomes of the 2008 review?

  • ​15% of respondents had suggestions for changes to the legislation
  • 58% proposed no changes, and
  • 27% did not respond to this question.

Thank you to all the interested parties that provided a response to the questionnaire relating to the organic legislative review during the industry consultation period.

The information provided by the respondents to the questionnaire has provided AQIS with valuable information that will be considered by AQIS when making decisions surrounding amendments to the Export Control (Organic Produce Certification) Orders and in turn the export system for certified organic products from Australia.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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