The Authorised Officer (AO) Company Information Pack

On this page you will find information to help your company adopt the AO model for plant and plant product exports.

For more detailed information about the AO model, refer to the External Authorised Officer Framework.

What are the costs involved with becoming an AO?

Fees and charges apply to becom​​ing an AO. All costs must be settled prior to a person being appointed as an AO.

A company may choose to pay their employee’s AO fees as an incentive. Please note that as an AO appointment is an individual appointment, invoices must be addressed to the AO candidate.  

M​ore information on the fees and charges is available on ​Plant exports: authorised officers cost recovery redesign​.​

How will I benefit?

By adopting the AO model your company can benefit from:

  • increased flexibility—you will have staff available to conduct export inspections when you need them
  • consistent inspections—all AO candidates receive the same training and assessment, and follow the same instructional material
  • ongoing support—your AOs will receive support visits from the department and can call the Authorised Officer Hotline 1800 851 305 for assistance

What are the AO candidate's responsibilities?

It is the individual AO candidate's responsibility to take the necessary steps towards achieving their appointment as AO. The company can only give support when needed by the candidate. The AO cand​​idate must therefore:

  • initiate the application process
  • complete their eLearning
  • decide when to request and participate in facilitated training
  • decide when they are ready for assessment.

Employers should allow their staff to decide if they want to become an AO, and when they are ready to be trained and assessed.

How can I support my staff member through the AO process?

As the employer of an AO candidate, you will not be directly involved in the AO process, however you can support your staff member by:

  • providing them access to a computer with an internet connection so they can complete their eLearning
  • allowing them time to complete their eLearning during working hours
  • giving them time off from work to attend facilitated training
  • making sure they are ready for assessment and do not feel pressured to be assessed when they are not yet confident​.

How can I continue to support my staff member after they  are appointed as an AO?

Employers should provide a supportive environment that allows:

  • appropriate time and resources for AOs to learn and become confident in their role
  • appropriate time and resources for AOs to perform their functions
  • AOs to make independent export compliance decisions.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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