Package assisting small exporters

In 2019 the Australian Government extended the Package Assisting Small Exporters (PASE) program. The program supports small exporters in overcoming some of the barriers they face when exporting through project grants.

$5 million in grants have been awarded for 21 projects.

While grants are not limited to small exporters, they must primarily be for the benefit of small exporters.


The following projects have been successful under the recent grant-round:


  • Australian Table Grape Association
    • developing chemical residue mobile device apps for the avocado, apple and pear, vegetable, berries, mango, melon, and summer stone fruit industries; and
    • enhancing the industry sector’s current Export Accreditation System that streamlines the export registration process, to assist small exporters in complying with protocol requirements.
    • developing the Vegetable Exporter Business Training program, assisting horticulture growers to develop their exporting business skills and efficiency.
  • Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
    • market intelligence for Kabocha Squash by stepping through the supply chain to determine Japanese market requirements.
  • Bundaberg Fruit and Vegetable Growers Cooperative
    • investigating the European Union (EU) as a new market for fruiting vegetables and berries.
  • Avocados Australia
    • developing training resources for avocado growers seeking access to Japanese and New Zealand markets; and
    • developing an online Avocado industry export registration system to streamline the export registration process.
  • Summerfruits Australia
    • establishing a single pest management approach for summer stone fruits to enhance export market access.
  • Australian Melon Association
    • Implementing supply chain monitoring practices and using these as case studies to increase Japanese market participation.
  • University of Adelaide
    • investigating marketing channels and e-commerce platforms to support small horticultural exporters to participate in the Chinese market.

Meat and animal by-products

  • WA Producers’ Cooperative
    • developing a collaborative export market strategy for WA livestock producers.
  • Sexed Genetics
    • increasing opportunities to export bovine genetic material.
  • Kangaroo Industries Association of Australia (KIAA)
    • communicating the sustainability and welfare credentials of the kangaroo industry to key markets.


  • Honey & Fox
    • establishing online training for seafood exporters and developing resources to enable small to medium exporters build their skills and export capabilities for operating in new or additional markets.


  • Australian Oilseeds Federation
    • developing a grain sustainability scheme and educating small exporters on accessing markets where buyers require certified sustainable grain.
  • Murdoch University
    • training small exporters to understand market requirements for genome-edited produce.
  • Grain Trade Australia
    • raising awareness of representative grain sampling as part of the Prescribed Goods Export Preparation Standard (PGEPS).


  • Dairy Australia
    • developing resources and supporting small dairy exporters to overcome barriers for participation in export markets.

Mixed industries

  • Agribusiness Regional Development Association (ARDA)
    • establishing the Capital Regional Export Hub Cohort program to develop export capacity and capability through virtual and digital engagement.
  • Food & Fibre Gippsland
    • investigating and assisting small exporters in and around Gippsland to overcome barriers to market access.
  • Australian Organic
    • establishing new market access opportunities through education and research.


The PASE program started in 2014. The program consisted of:

  • a rebate for eligible registered export establishments in the meat, dairy, fish, eggs, horticulture, grain, and plant product sectors in 2014-15 (no longer available)
  • a review of export registration fees and charges (completed in 2015)
  • funding for projects that supported market access for small exporters.

The Australian Government supported 58 projects through the previous grants package.

Last reviewed: 30 November 2020
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