Online services and systems

​The Department of Agriculture maintains services and systems for exporters of Australian products controlled by the department.

Export Documentation System (EXDOC)

Software application for primary produce that issues electronic export documentation.

Registration as an EXDOC electronic data interface (EDI) user is open to exporters of meat, fish, dairy, eggs, grain, horticulture, skins and hides, wool and meat by-products, such as pharmaceuticals, blood and pet food. Registered EDI users can use electronic certification and may generate their own health certificates and related documents.

Export declaration numbers

Exporters registered for the Single Electronic Window​ (SEW)​ can generate an export declaration number (EDN) necessary for Integrated Cargo System clearance, to streamline the export process.

Manual of importing country requirements (Micor)

Exporters must comply with the Export Control Act 1982 and associated legislation and the importing countries’ requirements. Micor is a guide to the requirements of importing countries. Exporters must confirm with their importer or the importing country’s relevant authority that they meet the requirements.

Launch the Manual of Importing Country Requirements (Micor)

Graphic image of the Micor launch button

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Last reviewed: 22 April 2021
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