How we set cost recovery fees and levies

Changes to export cost recovery

We are revising our export cost recovery arrangements for exporting food and plant-related commodities.

We want your views on the proposed charging adjustments.

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Review of export certification cost recovery

We have commissioned an independent review of the costs of export certification activities for the food and plant related commodities. This review will complement, and inform, public consultation on the proposed charging arrangements.

The reviewer will provide us with a report by mid-December 2019.

Further details are available at Independent review of the cost of export certification.

​​​We consider and update the way we charge cost recovery fees and charges as required. This allows us to make sure we are charging in an efficient and accurate way.

Any revision of our cost recovery arrangements is completed in line with the:

As part of our process of setting fees and charges, we:

  • review the actual costs of efficient regulatory activities
  • create a model for best recovering these costs
  • consult with the public and with industry about the proposed cost recovery model
  • Further information about how the department models and implements fees and charges is outlined in the relevant cost recovery implementation statement (CRIS).

Cost recovery implementation statement (CRIS)

Each CRIS presents the redesigned fees and charges and provides key information on the design, operation and reporting of cost recovery arrangements.

Our 4 CRIS documents outline the cost recovery fees and levies we charge:

The CRIS documents are also an important part of our engagement with industry.

We make draft versions available for public comment and feedback before we set the final fees and levies.

Authority to recover costs

The cost recovery implementation statements also outline the policy approvals and statutory authority for biosecurity and export certification cost recovery.

All cost recovery charges are imposed under the relevant primary legislation. The specific legislation for each cost recovery arrangement is described in the relevant CRIS.

More information

If you have any questions about the cost recovery process, you can email

Last reviewed: 22 November 2019
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